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Clinical Data Exchange (CDex) - clinical data generated by providers to be shared with payers (or other providers)

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Payers can be explicit about the data they are requesting, as opposed to general requests which often result in providers sending more information than might be necessary to make sure claims are supported

It's a more efficient and effective exchange of health record information by using FHIR standard.

Sponsoring Workgroup: Patient Care

Clinical Data Exchange (CDex) Implementation Guide

STU2 Ballot Reconciliation (Sept 2022):

Reference Implementation:

Test Scripts: 

Zulip Channel: 

Join us! All our Welcome!

Conference Call Sign Up

HL7 Conference Call Center

Da Vinci Conference Call Sign Up Instructions

Conference Call Schedule & Dial-Ins

Wednesdays at 2pm Eastern

New Zoom Link as of 5/17/2022 See: Da Vinci Use Cases#WeeklyMeetingSchedule

Project Milestones

Current status: Ver 1.0.0 published

Sept 2022 Ballot Cycle Milestones


FHIR IG Publisher/Validation Issues ReportedJuly 3, 2022
Notice of Intent to BallotJuly 3, 2022
Ballot Sign Up July 11 - Aug 10, 2022
Sept Connectathon Proposals DueJuly 12, 2022
Workgroup Review/ Approval of IGJuly 26 - Aug 4, 2022
Final IG ContentAug 7, 2022
Ballot Readiness Sign offAug 9 - 11, 2022
Ballot VotingAug 12 - Sept 11, 2022

CDex Use Case Activities 2022: 

  1. Cdex was published in March 2022. Note: the Ballot version and the published version are the same.  
  2. Updating the Reference Implementation (RI) for the CMS HL7 July Connectathon and beyond to align with more recent updates. 
  3. Ballot Reconciliation from HL7 May Ballot cycle for CDex attachments and digital signatures content is underway
  4. Targeting September 2022 ballot for additional draft content, support for attachments request query

CDex Team:

RoleName OrganizationEmail 
Project Co-LeadChristol GreenAnthem

Program ManagerJocelyn KeeganPoint of Care
Technical DirectorDr. Viet NguyenStratametrics 
Deputy Technical DirectorYan HerasOptimum Ehealth

Business Process SMEBob DierterleEnableCare

Project ManagerVanessa CandeloraPoint of Care 
Implementation Guide Co-LeadLloyd McKenzieGevity
Implementation Guide Co-LeadEric Haas Health eData;

Historical Milestones Met:

STU1 Milestones
Continuous Improvement


IG Development

Reference Implementation

STU Ballot (early 2019Sep)

Ballot Reconciliation





Tentative Target: STU Ballot Round 2


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