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Management Minute Approval

MethodologyV2.9 Ballot Reconciliation items 122,123,124 INM-49 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Motion to find all 3 persuasive Riki, Craig, no further discussion, against: 0, abstain: 0, in favor: 3

V2.9 Ballot Reconciliation Item 90 INM-50 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Motion to delete the additional column in the table – that was a typo – Riki, Scott, no further discussion, against: 0, abstain: 0, in favor: 3

V2.9 Ballot Reconciliation Item 91 INM-51 - Getting issue details... STATUS

In Chapter 14: for network notification messages – can send to all nodes on network, don’t care what happens to it – need to only to know they all got it – this Note is specific to this message type

In original mode we have ONLY the application ACK – the NOTE says for this message pair there is no application acknowledgement – if systems send a second ACK, it would not make it into the receiver system

If you send in original mode you get ether a base ACK or you may get an application message back

First sentence in original mode section _ unsolicited message MUST acknowledge at the application level, so that you know the receiver has processed the data…

Motion to adjust the Note to state: In Enhanced mode MSH-16 is constrained to NE for this message type? There is no enhanced mode application acknowledgement defined, as the use case doesn’t require it – mark Application Level ACK N/A in both modes. Riki, Sott, no further discussion, against: 0, abstain: 0, in favor: 3

V2.9 ballot Reconciliation Item 136

Should we update the diagram for original mode?

Should we add AA to the Application ACK arrow, since we give the codes for the other ones?

AE could potentially be sent under = Commit level processing is still happening at the original mode, but it is NOT a decision point – Scott likes the updated diagram better – Motion to update diagram as proposed: Craig, Scott, no further discussion, against: 0, abstain: 0, in favor: 3

 CP 2 Negatives : Item 136

V2.9 ballot Reconciliation Item 135

the wording should NEVER have null in there = as we took out all references to “null” - -in V2 we have delete indicator – MSH-15 = NE, MSH-16 empty – functionally not different, but the chapter states either BOTH are present or both are empty

Adjust this Note to state: In original mode both MSH-15 and MSH-16 SHALL NOT be valued. And check the Notes in the other sections here to preface each of them with the respective mode they belong to.

Looking at the diagram that explains the enhanced mode:

Suggest to move arrow as drawn in blue = Call adjourned before discussion was completed /voted on
V29R4 CP2 AQ: line 135

Motion from OO RE: ORC-4.
  • Motion to suggest to InM we want to revert ORC-4 back to EI and create another field to manage multiple other/general group numbers (inclusive of Filler). Freida Hall, Dan Rutz
  • If it ends up with CX, we need to add Filler Group to Table 0203.
  • OO Vote: Against: 0; Abstain: 0; In Favor: 13
  • Motion to approve the OO solution to revert ORC-4 to EI, add a new repeating field of data-ype CX. and new code(s) to table 0203. .(Riki/Craig) (3-0-0)
  • Ulrike Merrick to reach out to Daniel Rutz for other concepts to be added to HL70203 besides the Filler Group number, if any are known right now (for reference lab testing – that would also be using Filler Group number type, the assigning authority will make clear who in the chain this ID belongs to we think)

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Minute Approval2019 InM SanAntonio WGM Minutes
V2.9 Ballot Reconciliation Item 90V2.9 CP14: AS item 90
V2.9 Ballot Reconciliation Item 91V2.9 CP 14: AS Item 91
V2.9 items 122,123,124V2.9 Cp2 A-T:Items:122,123,124
V2.9 Item 136CP 2 Negatives : Item 136
V2.9 Item 135V29R4 CP2 AQ: line 135

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PSS for FhircastFHIRcast: Application Context Synchronization in FHIR
Under dev version (being migrated to HL7 Control)
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