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Time:  3:30PM EST (UTC-5)

Duration: 90 minutes

NOTE - this is the last call before the San Antonio WGM!

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Online Meeting ID: vocab 
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Phone Number: +1 605-472-5280
Participant Passcode: 495389


Planned Agenda Items

  1. Roll call and Agenda check
  2. Announcements
    Harmonization meeting finalized for March 11 (12 ovfl), initial proposals due Feb 11 midnight
  3. Action Items Check
    1. Rob H reached out to Lloyd and Grahame about the v2 filenames (UTG files); breaking change can only be done in R5 if at all
    2. Heather did an update review of the facilitator training materials; especially needed now as we have 3 new facilitators (Joel for Clinical Genomics, Sheila for Structured Documents, and Shu Mcgarvey for Public Health)    We reviewed the new Confluence Vocabulary Facilitators pages and Heather will update as needed
  4. V2 Table 0396 issue from Mead W.  ("HL7nnnn")
    1. We discussed HL7nnnn and agreed this should be replaced with the enumerated individual entries from the v2 publishing database.  We discussed the 99xyz or L entry as well, and agreed that 99xyz should be removed and replaced with a note on the table.  There is not consensus on what to do about the 'L' entry, as it is not a real code system ID, but it is useful to treat like a code for implementations that validate against the table content.  
    2. We will forward this note to INM with a request to agree and give opinion on the 'L' codes; upon receipt of INM opinion if in agreement we will update the table 396 content.
  5. Montreal WGM agenda planning (Carol Macumber)

    1. We reviewed the agenda, added Monday Q2 for Glossary as Heather expects to attend, and shuffled a few things around.
  6. FHIR items (Rob Hausam)
    1. No specific items prepared for today.
    2. Leave the slot on the calls for tracker items.
  7. Glossary Project (Heather Grain) 
    1. All the vocabulary specific glossary items have been completed for their basic definitions.
    2. We need to complete checking all of them and entering them into SKMT, and identify any issues that arise.
    3. After that, we need to decide if and how and when to address the rest of the terms that we have not discussed yet.  Heather can produce the list of this.
    4. We need to decide what to do with the material (extract and put on Confluence, other?).  Also address if and how to publish the procedure for review.
    5. Leave this slot on the main calls to address these items c & d. 
  8. Liaison Reports
    1. FTSD/SGB (Russ Hamm)
      1. FTSD unknown, Russ not on the call.
      2. SGB - Ted attended the Friday SGB meeting in San Antonio.  Discussions of decision and governance for UTG relative to external vocabularies was had, and SGB said that all stuff related to external terminology must be brought to HTA, that is their role.  This of course includes content requests for external vocabulary.
      3. Ted failed to bring to the SGB the item relative to the deprecated code systems policy that HL7 put together. 
      4. Other SGB items unknown, Russ not on the call.
    2. LOINC and TC215 (Ted Klein) - next Clinical LOINC meeting February 19-20 in Salt Lake City.  Next Lab LOINC meeting is in Indianapolis June 5-6
    3. IHTSDO (Jim Case)
      1. Jim will not be involved in the future, and the current agreement states that the CTO is the liaison.   It is clear that SNOMED has ability to, and has done, arrangements within the HL7 community without going through HTA.    It must be noted that every request for new content in SCT must come through HTA.     We are out of time, but we need further discussion.
    4. HTA (Rob McClure/Heather Grain)
      1. Rob M. - Julie is now chair, and Heather is vice-chair for one more year.
  9. Gender Codes Task (Rob McMclure)
    1. Labeled as the Sexy Project on the agenda.    V2 and V3 and FHIR codes for gender are currently not consistent.   Folks have expressed a strong desire that HL7 be consistent in how the categorization and representation of sex and gender identity, and alignment with increasingly important use cases that implementers are trying to deal with.  This has come to a head in the US since there are recent changes in the legal framework where a number of states have extended the notion and coding for birth certificates and drivers licenses for this area.   
    2. The Public Health folks brought this up in San Antonio, and ONC and others have admitted that this is a known set of issues.
    3. The end result is that folks were happy that there was a sense that this problem could be tackled, and Rob M and Carol M have agreed to co-lead an effort in this space that may become a new project.
    4. We need to have a wide number of participants (although this also can be problematical).  Include practicing clinicians, labs , LBGT community, payers, international community, US government, folks from the research community if possible.
    5. Rob M showed a document with preliminary project information.  Heather noted that lots of work in this area has been done in Australia.  
    6. Rob noted that we really need to reach outside of HL7 (CIIC/HSPC, LOINC, etc.)
    7. We could avoid the work and possible circle spinning by only doing the agreed task of adding 'X' for non binary codes to administrative sex in the next harmonization cycle.   This probably is not going far enough, especially for Australia.   It seems that only doing this would be very insufficient.
    8. It appears that we will need to put a PSS together for this. 
    9. It seems the right place to begin is to target a White Paper.
  10. TermInfo ballot comment reconciliation (Rob Hausam)
    1. Not that much to do, 10 comments only one of which was a negative.   
    2. Rob has put together proposed dispositions for 9 out of the 10.  
    3. Ted suggests we discuss the one with open questions.  Rob displayed the ballot sheet.   #7 from Jay Lyle.   After discussion, we decided Rob needs to reach out to Jay for further clarification.
    4. Next call a prepared set of dispositions to be voted on will be brought.
  11. New Business 
    1. Ted will be in the air on international travel on February 7 and will be unable to attend or run the next call, we need a chair to run it.  

Call adjourned at 5:04 PM EST.   Next call scheduled same time and screen share credentials on February 7, Heather to chair.

Action items

  • Ted Klein to take care of the table 396 item above.
  • Rob McClure to reach out to SGB (Paul Knapp) for process and deadlines for the Sexy Project Paper.
  • Robert Hausam reach out to Jay Lyle to clarify the ballot comment
  • Robert Hausam will prepare the set of dispositions to be voted on during the next call.
  • Ted Klein bring the legacy code system policy to SGB - as Russ if he can take care of this with SGB