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CQI specific modifications to the generic HL7 Decision-making Practices:

Approved by CQI on Sept. 16, 2019 

(need to be reviewed again September 2024)

5 - Defining Quorum

a)      Quorum for the Clinical Quality Information (CQI) Workgroup requires that two co-chairs and at least three other HL7 CQI members be present, where no single organization or party represents more than one half (50%) of the voting Work Group membership for that meeting.

b)      Any member present may move to table (defer) major decisions even if the quorum is met.  Reasons such as missing key stakeholders or supporting information must be documented at the time the motion carries.  In accordance with Robert’s Rules of Order, such a motion to table requires a second, is not subject to debate, and shall be voted upon immediately.

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