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Agenda ReviewLC

Roll CallLC
  • Wayne Kubick
  • David Johnson
  • Lorraine Constable
  • Tony Julian
  • Lloyd McKenzie
  • Ted Klein
  • Jean Duteau
  • Ken McCaslin
  • Josh Procious
  • Marc Duteau

Announcements / AdministratonLC

cancel next week? Pick up again on Feb 1

Webmaster's ReportDJno update - prepping for WGM
Ballot ProjectLM/JDeffort spent over the holidays - expect to handle leading up to WGM
JIRACon ProjectLC/JP
  • migration progress
    • 86% finished - all but 5; mainly those that don't meet in between - Templates, Arden Syntax, CDS, FHIR-I, MnM
  • PSS pre-pilot
    • Josh finishing up last few tickets
    • discuss requests for additional notifications, etc
  • Planning pss pilot
    • walk through with TSC -request participants
    • setting up co-chairs lists for Governance groups - completed
    • will add pilot participants once identified
  • Attendance Log
    • ability to edit Josh shared new version
    • what do we want to roll out? - Dynamic one
    • looked at the Dynamic version - roll this one out, with instructions
  • Countdown to San Antonio
    • how to approve documentation for PSS approval
    • clean up global templates
    • updated links to PSS and Attendance templates for Wayne's deck
    • suggestion for periodic tips - reminders?
UTG ProjectTK
  • Session on UTG on Tuesday in Vocab - need Trifolia value set
  • Drafting proposal / consensus voters including Wayne at BofF
  • scripting laid out in Confluence page
  • Review with Wayne next week
  • debugging issues from initial testing
  • Full cycle demo planned - generation of browsable pages may not be available by SAT from IG publisher
  • Editing of download and install of the tooling and being able to look at the content
  • voting working reasonably well
  • Issues in queue for resources
  • V2 needs cleanup, v3 looks close to complete
  • trying to replicate existing coremif so we do not break Lynn's publishing processes
  • Tune voting levels for testing with the number of testers
  • focused work planned for next week
  • will run a parallel test with Harmonization for March. Decide in Montreal how far to roll out for July
Other projectsWK/JP
  • Co-Chair Handbook
    • Wayne to follow up with Jean and Marc / review

Action items