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Chair:  @David Pyke

Scribe: @Suzanne Gonzales-Webb

NOTE: This attendance applies if you are present at the related meeting/call, regardless if you have signed a different attendance for your WG. 





x, audio onlySRS

@Jim KretzSAMHSA
xVA (BookZurman)

David Pyke , Co-Chair

Ready Computing

Kathleen ConnorVA (BookZurman)


Mike DavisVA

David Staggs

Christopher ShawnVA

Greg Linden

xIrina ConnellyGeorgia Tech

Mohammad JafariVA (Book Zurman)
xJoe LamyAegis

Kenneth SalyardsSAMHSA

Dave SilverElectrosoft
xGreg White
xFrancisco JaureguiElectrosoft

Bonnie YoungGeorgia DCH
xEric LarsonIris Health Soutions

xBeth PumoKaiser
xMark MeadowsGeorgia DCH

Jack WallaceGeorgia Tech
xSandra Gallagher, sagallagher@centene.comCentene
xRalph Scherrer rscherrer@centene.comCentene

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Management Minutes Approval

December 18:,_2018_CBCP_Conference_Call

  • Updates: add link to gForge White paper (Kathleen) -
  • correct xxx
  • correct


eLTSS Update (Irina, Becky)

  • ELTSS Publication Request approval (vote)

Irina - working on HL7 publication request (template) mostly complete, need to complete a few areas that unsure about.

    • Publication request shown on screen (add link)
    • Informative publication request
    • Date of meeting
    • slight ballot title change
    • update the ballots results as they occur (on publication request as there is still one outstanding negative on the ballot)
    • Submit the document with the publication request on the day when the last negative has been withdrawn
    • url to be added will be from gForge for all in work progress, DRAFT, ballot reconciliation
  • one negative that is waiting to be withdrawn (Emma, e-mail received saying she is satisfied and will withdraw her negative)

Add link to approved Publication request

"Motion to approve Publication request as written PENDING withdrawal of negative

Abstain: Centene (2)

Opposed: none

Approval: 12 (Suzanne to confirm)

MethodologyeLTSS FHIR IG Proposal, Project

Johnathan - Have a FHIR IG proposal template. Forwarded to FMG and on 1/9 1600 EASTERN to walk through the document. The PSS originally did not have FHIR checked as one of the projects (eLTSS)

The Clinical SD, PMO requested that we update the PSS (checking FHIR) and receive approval from the FMG.

Deadline: January 26 to submit PSS

On Feb 17 NIB (eLTSS FHIR IG) is due, What approvals are needed for this document. (Just CBCP)

MethodologyDS4P Reaffirmation Ballot

Ballot pool closed yesterday 1/7, tallys will be counted and comments to be reviewed

MethodologyCBCP FHIR - Consent / Consent-Contract Discovery White Paper

No update, hope to have next draft for WGM

how to use structured de... and link them to the contract and contract instance to question-questionnaire response

(need link to DRAFT)

MethodologyCBCP FHIR - FHIR CPs for review
  • CP 13420 - xml shown
    • ADD: comment to example to illustrate the possible need for other codes such as Disaster. break-the-glass "opt-out" option
    • what about the situation where you opt-out, but have...
      • no - emergency opt-out
      • break glass
      • disaster
      • emergency

Motion to accept 13420 resolution (Kathleen/Suzanne)


Abstain: Centene (2)

Opposed: none

Approval: 12 (Suzanne to confirm)

MethodologyCBCP FHIR - FHIR Consent CPs

Agenda Link: 2019-01 January CBCP WGM Agenda/Minutes San Antonio

Agenda Review

MethodologyHL7 WGM January 2019

Please provide discussion items to Suzanne

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 Adjourned at 10:40 Arizona TimeFree Conference Recording file:

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