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Quick Reference

  1. Create PSS in Confluence
  2. Highlight Project Name on PSS and create JIRA Issue "Project Scope Statement" 
  3. Navigate to the JIRA Issue and edit, selecting the approving groups. 
  4. Select "Start Approval" to begin the workflow. 
  5. Reference Project Scope Statement for PSS Approval Status Overview 

Step-by-step guide

  1. Navigate to the Space and Page where you would like to create a Project Scope Statement. 
  2. Select the ellipse at the top of the page next to the "Create" button. 

  3. In the pop-up window, scroll down to create from template "HL7 Project Scope Statement Template - Static". Select it, and then click "Create" at the bottom right. 

  4. Enter a Page Title for your New PSS (suggest using same name as Project) at Number 1 on image below. Enter Project name again on Number 2 on the image below. 

  5. Finish filling out the Project Scope Statement template and select "Publish" at the bottom right of the page when complete.

    PSS Pilot Start Here

  6. Once the page is Published, highlight the Project name from the Body of the page (DO NOT USE THE TITLE OF THE PAGE), and move your cursor slightly upward. A popup will appear with a triple arrow icon. This will create the issue in Jira to begin workflow 

  7. Select "Project Scope Statement" for both "Project" and "Issue Type" and then select "Create" 

  8. A Jira Issue Macro will be visible, displaying a link to the Jira Issue you've just created. Select this link to move to Jira for finalization of setup for the approval process. 

  9.  Edit the Page (top left) to select Approval Groups. NOTE: Issue Links section displays link to Confluence PSS you have just created. 

  10. When "Editing" the Issue, make selections for Sponsoring Work Groups, Co-Sponsoring Workgroups, US Realm (If applicable), Management Groups, and Steering Division. Select "Update" at the bottom right when done. 

  11. Finally, Select "Start Approval" to begin the Approval Process. NOTE: Until this point you can make changes without notifications being sent out. Once you select "Start Approval" any affiliated groups that you have selected will be notified.