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Attendees Present

Chair:  @
Scribe: Anne Wizauer  


Calvin Beebe

xLorraine Constable

Russ Hamm

Tony Julian

xPaul Knapp

Ewout Kramer
xAustin Kreisler
xWayne Kubick
xThom Kuhn
xRik Smithies
xSandy Stuart

  1. Agenda review
  2. Approve Minutes of 2018-11-14 SGB Meeting
  3. Action Items
  4. Discussion Topics
    1. Continued discussion on balloted vs. non-balloted feedback in FHIR
    2. SGB Communication Plan
    3. Updates that we do to newer versions of FHIR that are also applicable to older versions
    4. Precepts We Need to Develop
  5. Parking Lot
    1. Mapping coordination
    2. Add link to Confluence page from ARB page
    3. Review of product management life cycle spec to see if it talks about project and ballot scope
    4. Review of MG responses to SGB query on substantive change
    5. Need to make sure that SGB is accurately reflected in the GOM, and figure out what precepts should appear in the GOM
    6. Review Mission and Charter
    7. Drafting Shared Product Management Responsibilities
    8. Technical Alignments Between Product Families
    9. How groups are to interact with publishing, EST, Vocabulary, etc.
    10. Precept on bringing in large projects
    11. Vocabulary - review HTA material for precepts
    12. Precept for adding new tools (include that WGs with a specific mandate must be involved, such as EST, Publishing, Vocabulary, etc.) - was this covered by the tooling precept we created in New Orleans?
    13. BAM guidance on process for product adoption
    14. Create PRECEPTS that require that it be articulated in the standards how the value sets specified within the standards respond to changes in regulation, licensing, time, etc.- to do in April/before Cologne
    15. FHIR Product Director Position Description: we should 1) review further and draft feedback, then 2) map back the description to the role of FGB
    16. Ownership of content
    17. What precepts do we need to address PSS/profile approval processes of balloting and publishing potentially thousands of CIMI model?


  1. Agenda review
  2. Approve Minutes of 2018-11-14 SGB Meeting
    1. MOTION to approve: Austin/Calvin
    2. VOTE: Thom abstains. Remaining in favor.
  3. Discussion over upcoming meetings: Will cancel 12/26. 
    1. ACTION: Add WGM agenda development to next week's call
  4. Action Items
    1. Anne to research the background of drafting the precept on artifact governance was
  5. Discussion Topics
    1. Continued discussion on balloted vs. non-balloted feedback in FHIR
      1. In the event that comments come in during the ballot period before publication, and someone has alerted you to an important thing – what do we do? Does it become a found item? Does the committee have to vote on it? Is it excluded completely until the next version? Or do we hope someone submits it as a ballot item?  
      2. FMG sent out a message to prioritize non-ballot comments on normative over ballot comments on STU. Paul states this is a TSC issue rather than a board issue. Austin and Wayne agree. Could propose a policy for the board to review. Proposed policy is that ballot feedback is always given priority. We do have clear guidelines for what we do with balloted stuff but there are no guidelines for non-ballot comments. Need to define the policy for how to handle non-ballot comments. Lorraine suggests not addressing non-ballot comments during ballot, but one problem with that is the way the new JIRA system will be set up - won't be a way to say that. Can't refuse a comment, the question is how we handle it and when. One option would be pushing comments into their own bin from the time at which material is frozen for ballot to after reconciliation. Another issue is if comments result in substantive change. Austin: For STUs the current process is probably okay as long as member comments through ballot take precedence. For normative, we can't allow non-ballot comments to be addressed during the ballot unless we change the Essential Requirements.
      3. ACTION: Paul to draft policy 
    2. SGB Communication Plan
      1. Discussion over Confluence space for SGB. Lorraine is working with Josh on spaces for governance groups. Some WG items will still have to be posted to the website, such as members only documents. Need to develop a strategy for what should go where for all groups. TSC needs to take ownership of the requirements. Could form a task force between TSC and EST to work out the plan.
    3. Updates that we do to newer versions of FHIR that are also applicable to older versions
      1. Carry forward
    4. Precepts We Need to Develop
      1. Carry forward

Action items

  • Anne Wizauerto research the background of the action to draft a precept on artifact governance - 12/5 update: Item was completed

  •  Paul Knappto draft policy on balloted vs. non-balloted feedback