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  • Grahame will tighten error/warning/information to levels agreed upon (year+ ago), downgrade to FMM0 any resources that would break the build because of the stricter enforcement, and produce a report to email to co-chairs list to inform of resources that have been downgraded. Grahame will have to fix any resources that are already normative that would otherwise get set to FMM0. LLoyd will send Grahame the documentation of what the error levels are supposed to be. Grieve, Grahame 
15 Oct 2020 2020-09-30 FMG Agenda/Minutes
  • Grahame Grieve will draft a privacy policy to accompany the implementations and awareness survey.
Grahame Grieve2020-10-07 FMG Agenda/Minutes
Grahame Grieve2020-09-16 FMG Agenda/Minutes
  •  David Haywill write up a proposal for what could be the IG/not IG differentiator to review prior to presenting to ARB
David Hay2020-07-01 FMG Agenda/Minutes
  • David Hay will draft a survey on implementations and awareness
David Hay2020-05-20 FMG Agenda/Minutes
  • Grahame Grieve to post the proposed policy for breaking changes on Zulip for community comment
Grahame Grieve2019-10-02 FMG Agenda/Minutes
Lloyd McKenzie2019-06-19 FMG Agenda/Minutes
  • ACTION: Grahame Grieveto define quality criteria and method to verify adherence to the critiera for terminology servers
Grahame Grieve2019-04-17 FMG Agenda/Minutes
  • ACTION: MnM to update FHIR QA Guidelines to current and bring back for review
2019-04-03 FMG Agenda/Minutes

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