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Scribe: Melva Peters

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Melva Peters

Jenaker Consulting

John Hatem

Peter SergentHL7 New Zealand
Stephen ChuHL7 Australia
Jean DuteauDuteau Design
Scott M. RobertsonKaiser Permanente

Agenda Items and Notes

Outstanding Action Item List

  • no discussion

Pharmacy List Topic

  • Inclusion of PractitionerRole
    • The FMG discussed the inclusion of PractitionerRole in a number of attributes on their call yesterday afternoon.  Pharmacy has a number of attributes that include a reference to Practitioner where FMG believes should also include a reference to PractitonerRole.  The inclusion of PractitionerRole would allow you to specific "John Doe (Pharmacist) acting on behalf of Pharmacy ABC" or "Pharmacist acting on behalf of Pharmacy ABC".  We will be reviewing the following attributes on our call on Monday to determine if PractitionerRole should be included.
    • If Pharmacy does not respond to FMG by November 28th, PractitionerRole will be added into these elements as a pre-approved technical correction.  It was felt that doing this would have the least negative impact on the implementer community.  
  • Discussion:
PharmMedicationDispense.receiverUnderstand the use case, but not sure this is part of 80%
PharmMedicationDispense.substitution.responsiblePartyIn NZ include practitionerRole - agree it should be added
PharmMedicationRequest.recorderAgree it should be added
PharmMedicationRequest.reported[x]Agree it should be added
PharmMedicationStatement.informationSourceAgree it should be added
  • Motion:  Do not add to MedicationDispense.receiver - John/Jean - 4-1-0 - Carried
  • Motion: Add to the other attributes (MedicationDispense.substitution.responsibleParty; MedicationRequest.recorder; MedicationRequest.reported[x]; MedicationStatement.informationSource - John/Jean - 5-0-0 - Carried
    • Melva Peters - add tracker item to Review with implementers - MedicationDispense.receiver

Pharmacist Care Plan: PSS Update and Ballot Reconciliation

Zabrina Gonzaga presenting ballot reconciliation and revised PSS

  • CDAR2_IG_CCDA_MTM_CAREPLAN_R1_O1_2017SEP_Discussion Nov 2018s.xls
  • Revised Pharmacist Care Plan HL7 Project Scope Statement 2018-11-14.docx
  • Zabrina reviewed the PSS - Project 1232
    • Pharmacy is a co-sponsor
    • PSS has been updated - will be reviewed with SDWG this week
    • Plan to go to ballot in May 2019
    • CDA Implementation Guide - was for comment only ballot - will be balloted as STU
    • will include value sets from HIT Collaborative
    • question about the process to move early adopters to move over to new STU version
    • Will not publish for comment only ballot
    • Communication plan
    • Need to have FMG approval - this includes a FHIR Profile
      • Zabrina Gonzaga will confirm if there was a separate project for the FHIR profile
      • This PSS should be updated to be clearer
  • Ballot Reconciliation of Comment only
    • about 240 comments - have been voted on through SDWG
    • Comment 111 - Health Concern Act - suggestion that SHALL contain an Allergy-Intolerance Observation
      • will update description
      • Will be re-voted on in SDWG
    • Comment 117 - 
    • Comment 143 - 


Medication Knowledge Resource (GF #16095)

  • Report from meeting November 16th

Gforge Trackers - Link to Gforge Tracker

Triaged Trackers

  • 19365 - Work on definition for Active Medication List
  • 19363 - Where should medication names be represented
  • 19344 - Consider moving MedicationRequest.priority to Dosage or Timing
  • 19333 - Add basedOn with a reference to ProcedureRequest to MedicationDispense
  • 17222 - Support for Medical Gases
  • 15509 - Example scenarios
    • Waiting for direction from Workflow

Catalogue Project

  • working on cleaning up resources

Updates from Workflow

  • No Workflow meeting this week or next week
  • John has reached out to Lloyd about some action items

Pharmacy Templates

  • Waiting for list of extensions to send to Gaye Dolin

Any Other Business

  • CSD Teleconference - Jean will try to dial

Next meeting

  • December 3rd - 4pm Eastern