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Agenda ReviewLC

Roll CallLC
  • Wayne Kubick
  • David Johnson
  • Lorraine Constable
  • Tony Julian
  • Lloyd McKenzie
  • Ted Klein
  • Jean Duteau
  • Ken McCaslin
  • Josh Procious

Announcements / AdministratonLC

Call schedule

whole group every other week;

keep the slot open in the alternate weeks for project team breakouts

Webmaster's ReportDJ
  • JIRA Upgrade Complete (JP)
    • Jira upgrade was completed this past Tuesday. Everything went very well; little downtime. We are now on latest version for Jira
  • Cloud Computing
    • Currently on AWS; some issues with the accounts that we run on - may need to move from one AWS account to another cloud account
    • one issue holding us back is some open issues about what account to use
      • eg - fhir foundation has google cloud compute, we have AWS, possibilities of services provided by Amazon and/or Microsoft.
      • planning for where we want to host the high cost accounts
      • question: if we deploy to a platform that involves free services; have we ensured an exit plan if the free services are no longer available. Yes, we have an exit plan to ensure we have 3 months lead-time. Jira upgrades are done by a Jira backup and restore. The Atllassion set up is less of a concern than other services. EA was set up by Sparx and we have little input in how we set up EA services.
Ballot ProjectLM/JD
  • put in about 60 hours of HL7 volunteer effort over the last two weeks; none of it has been Jira related
  • Lloyd has 10 days of runway over the next few weeks. Strong hope to have material done to turn over for testing by DevDays
  • question - can we find someway to help
  • If we are not starting testing for a couple more weeks - what is realistic to achieve for January?
  • continue to do a mock ballot test, timeline may be challenged to do a real ballot test for January
  • follow up in 2 weeks
JIRACon ProjectLC/JP
  • pss workflow
    • Created workflow in Jira, creates a subtask for each approving group. Permissions - access to hl7-trusted users for all changes to the entire project. Notifications will use the co-chair lists on the listserv.
    • Requesting a bit of Michael's time to finalize the groovy notification script. Josh will work with Wayne on setting things up
  • migration workgroup progress
    • Since the WGM there was a "small sizeable" explosion of work groups to migrate (8)
    • Have work groups lined up through December 8. Time consuming - host a call with co-chairs to review needs ; discussions through the week, then a walk through once set up to discuss site. Many questions about Attendance log and support for multiple editing.
    • We still need to look at the issues identified in Baltimore on the attendance log. For folks that don't have a confluence login - Ted says it worked well for Vocab - suggests a web form to let them enter the info and then have a script add them to the log. Suggest adding add rights to anonymous - issue with spammers. Vocab was using the older one with check boxes. Synchrony default is currently set to 12. If we can up heap size for Synchrony may be able to raise the limit significantly. Need to address attendance log prior to San Antonio.
UTG ProjectTK
  • since Baltimore has been cleaning up and getting Carol and team up to speed on cleaning up the resources
  • back to Jira workflow - main outstanding design issues is voting
    • looking to leverage ballot project work
    • Ted needs to implement pieces of the work flow that manages the consensus voting.
      • ballot pool
      • identified voters
      • need specific configuration and identification planning specific to product families
      • need to work with FMG for UTG managed FHIR stuff
      • work with Josh on the Jira workflow in the next few weeks
      • aim for similar approaches to ballot material, ensure consistency in UX
    • change proposal or a group of linked change proposals should be handled in a similar way to what we do in Balloting
    • january - pilot - Riki Merrick lined up to take the material for March harmonization and run through the pilot. Goal is demonstration of full project functionality
    • working on release process; creating a new current release; for v3 release of coremif and web pages required for a v3 release
      • dependencies: release process has a dependency on work on FHIR IG publisher; Parameterize to re-use for Need to clarify how to create a package that will be used as the input to IG publisher. Extract source of truth - create a package that is committed to git, then used as input to the IG publisher. Need to manage a variety of kinds of releases
      • dependency on change proposal for pilot - status of project for coremif generation. Currently on Lloyd's task list, not a blocker right now
      • dependency on creating the diff to be attached to a change proposal. Initial research into creating a FHIR patch diff. Diff file is needed to complete the workflow
    • feedback from the pilot demonstration; Alpha/beta testing for Montreal; run in parallel with regular harmonization in July, aiming to be fully production end of 2019
    • need to start planning for Training materials, particularly after Riki's feedback as she is very familiar with current v2 and v3 processes. Will need initial material for Montreal - intro to UTG and terminology maintenance. Full training for early 2020
    • Need time from DJ was cloud locations are sorted to determine where to configure IG publisher to drive the publication locations. Also need to make download sets of zip files available for complete sets of resources. Questions for SGB about whether to strip out the internal management data and extensions. Design and policy decisions to be discussed.Lloyd is comfortable with exposing the extensions
    • Also working on coordinating with Trifolia and Art-Decor
Other projectsWK/JP
  • HQ and TSC to Confluence
  • Co-Chair Handbook - low priority
  • Lorraine to get with Lynn re requirements for automating the NIB

next week short focused call next week on just the ballot

16:00 EDT

Action items