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  •  Follow-up with HL7 Web Master regarding issue with call-in information.  Government programs cannot use Free Conference Call or ZOOM.

2020-04-21 Meeting Agenda/Minutes

    • Ask Dan why the LOINC codes on Tony’s and Mary Lynn’s lists were not yet added to the HIPAA tab.
    • Submit questions and review answers for FAQs. Ask Josh if numeric values and dates can be assigned.
    • Get with Josh regarding links in the documents.
    • Get with Josh regarding the Ballot Desk top download feature.
    • Da Vinci early ballot comments.

2019-07-16 Meeting Agenda/Minutes
  • Submit questions and review answers for FAQs.
2019-07-02 Meeting Agenda/Minutes
  • Add dial-in number to home page and agenda.
2019-07-02 Meeting Agenda/Minutes
  • Da Vinci early ballot comments.
2019-07-02 Meeting Agenda/Minutes
  • Next meeting is July 16th, 2019

2019-07-02 Meeting Agenda/Minutes
  •  Prepare a question/answer combination to submit to the group for consideration.

2019-05-21 Meeting Minutes

    • Durwin will put his PSS/document on Confluence so that the workgroup can provide feedback.

    • Christol will take a survey regarding the new name suggestions and resubmit to the TSC.

    • Provide the dial-in number for the CDex prep calls.


2019-04-23Meeting Agenda/Minutes
Joshua Procious2018-10-29 Meeting Agenda

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