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Screen sharing (no voice)
HL7 Conference Call phone number Phone: +1 770-657-9270, Participant Code: 986210

for non-US participants:

Minutes of previous meeting

Key Upcoming Dates: (from here)

  • 2018-12-02: FHIR core and FHIR IGs are all locked. No further changes without product director permission
    • Finalization of FMM levels, final internal publication clean-up, publication process
  • 2018-12-06: Targeted FHIR core ballot closes
  • before 2018-12-31: Publication of R4

Proposed Agenda:

There are 8 changes to be applied to the core FHIR spec before 2018-11-25

There are 53 changes to be applied to the VhDir IG before 2018-11-25

15177 to be redispositioned to future use and address this in San Antonio.

VhDir Search Parameter defintions issue (GF#19752, GF#19771)

VhDir IG Publication

Follow up where Harmonization request is at (GF#14341)

Preparing agenda for the Jan 2019 San Antonio Meeting - include the FMM levels planning

Review VhDir IG status before publication?

Any other Business?

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