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Meeting Coordinates








Agenda ReviewLC

Roll CallLC
  • Wayne Kubick
  • David Johnson
  • Lorraine Constable
  • Tony Julian
  • Lloyd McKenzie
  • Ted Klein
  • R Jean Duteau
  • Ken McCaslin
  • Josh Procious


Webmaster's ReportDJ
  • WGM went well, was very useful to have Josh onsite at the WGM
  • development sites up, but they don't quite mirror production. Able to experiment more, and test configuration and setup to explore new items
  • DJ time focused on move of the website to new servers. Starting experience challenges with users with higher security settings unable to connect
Ballot ProjectLM/JD
  • No progress - interference from need to organize Normative Ballot
  • outstanding items - a bit to do for Lynn in terms of integration with ballot desktop.
    • work to do around email notifications
    • reports
    • documentation
    • expect approximately 2 weeks out for testing to begin
    • may not need to wait until all the documentation done before starting training planning
    • training
      • how to submit tracker items
      • how to submit and manage ballot processes
      • how to manage organizational ballots
      • also need tip sheets
JIRACon ProjectLC/JP
  • Summary from WGM

went well - had a chance to get context and provide face to face support, consult co-chairs on best practices. Large number of small support items.

Updating versions of Jira and Confluence to the newest versions

    • Attendance Log
      • simplified Attendance Log; macro was causing problems with collaborative editing
      • notion of only one person taking attendance does not scale
      • Confluence is on a single server - DJ's hope is to be able to increase the number of servers supporting confluence. Working with AWS to have broader access
      • Note - Linda Michealson sent an attendee report from GoToMeeting
    • Migrations
      • Posted Migration Process page in the Register WorkGroup space. Met with Security workgroup chairs and CBCP, created SGB
      • Met with Mark J on EHR space to clean up EHR. Next week is BRR and the week after is International Council
    • Webinars
      • 3 Webinars created before the working group meeting, some views, but need to remind people they exist 
      • Suggest link to Webinars on Documentation and Help page
      • look into announcement add-on. 
    • would like to roll out the user-sign up page and announce it next week

  • PSS Workflow
    • testing workflow on 2-to-FHIR
  • NIB
    • need to collect requirements, particularly given integration with ballot desktop
    • target having enough information to work on this next cycle
UTG ProjectTK
  • moving along - plan for working demonstration pilot by San Antonio
Other projectsWK/JP
  • HQ and TSC to Confluence
    • ongoing efforts; initial set up of TSC has occurred
    • Josh to talk with Karen about what is required to move HQ to confluence
  • Co-Chair Handbook
    • postpone

Action items