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Attendance can be found Here

Co-Chair and Key Participant information can be found on the Agenda found Here

Discussion items


Vocab (Hosting)/CGIT/InM

  • V2 Ballot reconcilliation
Ted Klein

Ballot reconcilliation.

Records of votes for the last meeting have been lost and have been updated from memory. The affirmative votes were handled as a block.

The negative ballot is also a problem due to the missing emails and content.

Moved by Ted Klein and seconded by Sandy - No suggested value should be removed from table 399.

See ballot comment disposition document for details.

Reach out to Freda Hall or Craig to discuss comments in the ballot (items 122, 123 and 124) in the master Gforge spreadsheet. INclude a slot on the vocab call to deal with this.

V2 vocabulary issues
  • Unification of v2/v3 code systems
Ted Klein

The V2 / V3 code systems are now unified. The FHIR R4 ballot still shows V2 being there but there is a need to manage the V2 objectives in the FHIR ballot.

When you unify vocabulary across 5 families - how do we publish, manage and communicate. There are differnt identifiers used and once unified how do we deal with the communications and governance around updating of normatively bound table identifiers that are now different. Ted asked whether we have to do anything special when we unify this content? No if we don't do anything special in notes to balloters etc. We would note that we have retired a code system and it is replaced by a new code system (with the same codes) but with new references.

There are issues associated with content but also identifiers and how are working groups informed of what is required.

post-followupTed KleinTed spoke to Frieda at break after the quarter was over, and she agreed to join the Vocabulary Call to resolve the 3 open items on Race codes that are the only outstanding negatives. This should be done this coming Thursday, as the following week Ted will be away at ISO in Europe.

Action items

  •  Ted Klein to follow up on V2 vote issues with missing documentation
  • Ted Klein Reach out to Freda Hall or Craig regarding their comments in the ballot
  • Ted Klein add a slot on the vocab call to discuss Items 122, 123, and 124 on the master Gforge spreadsheet for V2 ballot.
  • Ted Klein work with Tony to integrate the reconciliations we did today with the master, and make sure we have a good master for the 2.9 recon sheet.

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