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Versioning of value sets (C-CDA)

Rob McClure

Comments were reviewed and updated. Need to make clear the process for 1638 comment - how to manage content that is in different versions.

11:05Rob McClure

Comments were reviewed and updated. Need to make clear the process for 1638 comment - how to manage content that is from different versions or replications of code systems in different environments.

Deprecation of the code system for discharge disposition code was confirmed. This code system should not be actively used, though may be present in older data. This was updated in HL7 V2 (Table 112) - so use of that content is not an option.

The MIF - this was checked. The link provided is no longer active or available so cannot be used.

Resolution of this problem is to remove the clause which references that link.

There has been an onging problem with obtaining permission from external content authors. HL7 has, for the convenience of implementers, included the external content in the publicaiton. If we can't gain permission we have created our own code system. This is often a problem with the use of US specific content when it needs to be modified to meet international needs.

What actions do SD need to take to resolve this problem,

  • remove reference to external code systems - yes
  • where there are places in the consolidated CDA where the binding is to the code system, - this should not be done in CDA.
  • where the binding sais there is a value set in vSAC that represents the codes to be used and here is the oid - but this OID is not current or available. This is an example where VSAC aren't maintaining content required, some of which are HISP OIDS. There was an assumption that everything in C-CDA that all content would be either in HL7 or in VSAC and that is no longer the case. The content could be added to HL7 but not if the content is external (the external request would go to HTA).

It was also suggested that SD have discussions with authors to get new identifiers or value set which contains the information required, including contacts with NUBC.

1636 was considered non-pursuasive - see comment disposition system for details.

Moved ?? Seconded Keith Boone

Vote: Against 0 Abstain 1 For 20

1638 Vocab recommendation - remove the reference to the deprecated content. SD to obtain an OID which correclty represents the value set or work with VA to make use of their existing value set for discharge disposition.

not pursuasive with MOD - make an errata to manage the requirement.

When 1638 resolved, 1637 - resolution will be that the conformance statements must align

Moved Lisa N. seconded Jim Case.

Vote: Against 0, Abstain 1, For 20.

UTG Update
Ted Klein gave an update on the prototype being developed to manage centalized terminology resources and harmonisation. This will be folled by an Alpha version, Beta then production.

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