I am looking at a page and I want to add comments to it without changing the content.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Navigate to the page upon which you want to comment.
  2. You now have two choices:
    1. At the bottom of the page is a comment box.
    2. OR you can comment on a specific word, line, or paragraph by:
      1. Highlight the specific text and wait patiently for a few seconds.
      2. A popup box  will appear

IF you want to comment on the selection:

  1. Click on the circle symbol (Labelled COMMENT) and a dialog will launch with your name at the top. Add comment and press Save.

If you want to create a JIRA ticket, click instead on the arrow symbol (Labelled JIRA).

This will launch the Create Task Dialog.

This dialog has a pulldown to choose the space into which to store the Jira (See orange circle).

After choosing the space, you can edit the summary, and fill in a description of the task, after which you press the Create button.

This will add the JIRA link shown in the screenshot to the right.


To assign the JIRA to a specific person you will have to open it in JIRA.

For questions email webmaster@hl7.org