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This page will be used to post CTO and project team updates related to the implementation of Confluence and Jira Collaboration software at HL7.

September 2018 CTO Tooling Update

One of the main benefits -- and risks -- of Confluence is transparency.  Although I promised to maintain regular updates in my May 3, 2018 post, it’s all too obvious how I have been remiss.  So, let me begin with an apology, and a more sincere promise to be more communicative in the future as major developments occur. 

Meanwhile, despite my radio silence and after a hiatus proving Hofstadter’s law, a great deal has happened since that last update.

Help has arrived! (star)New

We are very pleased and fortunate to welcome Joshua Procious as our new Applications Manager.  Please be sure to introduce yourself.  Josh will be supporting HL7 tools, including Confluence and JIRA, and will be joining us in Baltimore, where he’ll be conducting a Confluence training session Q0 Tuesday and be available for consultation throughout the week.  

New Confluence features now available from the JIRACON project team:

    • Introduction to Spaces
    • Introduction to Administration of Spaces 
    • PSS Creation
    • PSS Approval Process

Webmaster Confluence & JIRA System Updates:

  • Additional Server memory upgrades to improve performance
  • Implementation of SSL
  • New Development environments for both Confluence and JIRA
  • Confluence System Update to Version 6.11 with many new features (including group editing). 

Transition Plans

For those of you not yet using Confluence, we’re now working to actively move you over. Co-Chairs will be able to sign-up to schedule migration of their WGs to Confluence over the next several months.  Use of Confluence is highly encouraged wherever practical but not mandatory at this point -- we’ll continue to maintain MediaWiki for the foreseeable future, especially for sites where migration may be impractical, and we intend for it to be available on an ongoing basis as a historical archive.  

For those of you who are already using Confluence and don’t want to disrupt your current space design, please contact Joshwho will work with you to get you easy access to the new templates.  It will also be helpful to watch the webinars if you can.

For those of you who still aren’t ready to deal with anything like this now, you get a pass, though we’ll revisit you in San Antonio.

Other Confluence and JIRA projects:

  • The new JIRA Ballot Project has now entered formal testing (thanks to Lloyd McKenzie and Jean Duteau) and we’re expecting to begin piloting this on select December ballots.  
  • Ted Klein will be demoing the Unified Terminology Governance process and tooling in Baltimore, and we’re expecting to begin a beta pilot in January.  
  • The online PSS form will be entering a formal pilot later this year.  We expect this transition to online forms for many internal processes to add more transparency and improve process efficiency for all parties. More online forms are on the way. 

New home page for 

HQ will be rolling out a fresh new 21stCentury home page at the Baltimore WGM.  Prepare to be amazed how an old dog can be taught new tricks!

Remote Connectivity

Finally, a few words on remote connectivity.  We tested a potential new process for allowing remote connectivity at two prior WGMs.  Unfortunately, the experience was ultimately disappointing.  The connections were time-consuming and problematic to set up with many challenges due to different hardware and networking issues, and were generally unreliable and more frustrating than effective.  As a result, we have concluded that HQ simply can’t provide adequate support to offer this as a service for future WGMs.  However, co-chairs who wish to allow remote connections for certain sessions are welcome to do so using their own facilities.

And don’t forget Zulip Chat!

if you’re still not using, time to be woke.  Remember, contains chat for the FHIR Community. is for the rest of us to discuss other HL7 topics.  The Zulip client allows you to access both streams.  


May 3, 2018 CTO Update

New Confluence features now available from JIRACON project team:

  • Improved instructions on setting up an account and getting started at  
  • Workgroup quick start package of default templates (boiler plates) now available
  • Confluence WGM attendance log streamlined for use at Cologne WGM
  • 2 Informative webinars to be offered week of May 21 and recorded for future reference:  Confluence for General Users and Co-Chairs Guide to Using Confluence.

System updates completed in April by Webmaster:

  • Host reconfiguration completed -- no longer requires specification of port number 8080 on URL.  Check that your links point to the new official URLs:
  • Server upgrades to improve performance
  • Confluence System Update to Version 6.8.1
  • JIRA System Update to Version 7.9
  • PostGres Database update to Version 9.5
  • Setting up development environment for both products.

Work on Online PSS, JIRA Balloting and Unified Terminology projects continues.

Other:  Zulip Update

On another note, if you’re not using, you should be.  Now that we’ve had time to pilot Zulip for awhile, we’ve eliminated the requirement that you receive an invitation before joining a stream.  Now you can elect to join any public stream.  You can register by going to

Remember, remains for the FHIR Community. is for the rest of us to discuss other topics.  The Zulip client allows you to access both streams.

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