Rik Smithies
Marti Velesiz
Ralf Herzog
Stefan Karl
Michael Faughn
Uwe Meyer
Myron Finseth

Presiding Co-Chair: John Rhoads (Health Care Devices WG)

proposed addition of fields from ISO Identification of Medical Products (IDMP) standards to the proposed DeviceDefinition FHIR resource developed by Orders and Observations and Health Care Devices WG

Rik Smithies presented proposed changes to make the DeviceDefinition resource cover the needs of the IDMP standards, mainly distilled from the MedicalProductDeviceSpec resource.

Group discussion showed a consensus that the additions seemed appropriate and constructive, and the only concern was the very short time available for Jose Teixiera, who has taken on the job of preparing the OO-HCD proposal for inclusion in the build, to do the additional work required. Rik stated a willingness to help Jose as needed.

Marti made a motion that:
We proceed on the plan that OO-HCD content for DeviceDefinition will be authored first, and that if there is time Rik will work with Jose to add the content from IDMP if possible but if necessary the additions will be dropped, to be dealt with in ballot comments.

Rik seconded the motion. The motion was carried with 5 for, none opposed, and one abstention (5-0-1).

It is recognized that there are small detailed adjustments, for example in data types, cardinalities, ordering, and grouping, that may need to be made by Jose and Rik. In particular:
* Michael type is 1..1 in MedicalProductDeviceSpec is optional
* Marti: quantity should be in the udi device identifier backbone element

* John will put the meeting minutes on the HCD pages and circulate the link to HCD and OO listserv.
* Marti will be contact point on behalf of OO to Jose and Rik in the process of implementing.

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