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The goal of this use case is to give providers real-time access to payer approval requirements, documentation, and rules at point of service to reduce provider burden and support treatment planning.

Sponsoring Workgroup: Financial Management Home

Coverage Requirements Discovery (CRD) Implementation Guide:

Da Vinci calls 

The remaining work to update and publish the CRD Implmentation Guide will take place in the Financial Management workgroup on Tuesdays at 11am ET.


RoleName OrganizationEmail 
Business Process SMERobert (Bob) Dieterle
Clinical Process SME Dr. Viet NguyenStratametrics 
Development Lead Larry Decelles
IG LeadLloyd McKenzie Gevity
Project LeadRobert (Bob) Dieterle
Project ManagerDana MarcelonisPoint of Care Partners

Testing LeadRichard, Inc.

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