Step-by-step guide

  1. Determine the Space you want to work in
  2. Navigate to that Space and create a new page
  3. Title your page and then select "Insert More Content"

  4. Navigate to "Other Macros" 
  5. Type "Spreadsheets" into search box

 6. After clicking on "Spreadsheets" Icon. You will see this page. 

From here you can import an existing Excel spreadsheet, copy an existing document, or create a new empty document. 

7. Don't forget to publish the page if you're collaborating so others will see the changes. 

8. Once you create or edit a document you will automatically be notified about any changes and will be prompted to refresh the page to reflect them. 

1.Remember to hit the Black "save" Icon on the top left of the spreadsheet after editing to update the page

2. If two or more people are editing and saving simultaneously the document will continuously be updated to the most recent save. To find changes go to the ellipse icon and select Page History.