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An initial request to the webmaster to create a project needs the following info

  • responsible project lead and word group
  • see current process for access to the EA client if needed by the modellers

Need instructions to projects about how to connect

Need to setup RAS so can reference base models in a specific project

May need one master model for specific model types - eg one for EHR models, etc

Authoring environment not a publication environment for now - drafts for review, etc

DJ needs creates the EA model on the cloud using EA client (note that EA 13+ is currently required)

  • What is the naming convention?
    • work group and project name unless cross work group
  • facilitator adds other modellers to the EA configuration, including a standard HL7 staff functional user
  • facilitator contacts webmaster to set up web.config for the project
    • default config is all logged in users can comment
    • anonymous users can read


Connect to your project from EA:

  1. Click "Connect to Cloud"
  2. Replace "Name: HL7" and "Model Name: hl7" with your project name.
  3. Press "Ok".

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