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Facilitator:  Anthony Julian

Note Taker: Anthony Julian


 XMayo Clinic
 XUnited Healthcare
RDave ShaverCorepoint Health
XKaiser Permanente
XUlrike Merrick

Vernetzt, LLC

X Scott M. Robertson 

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Management Minute Approval  Approve minutes Prior to 20170726

V2.9 Ballot CP2 A-S items ,96,107,333,334 - nonsubstantive INM-25 - Getting issue details... STATUS #96 – add hyperlink to external

#107 – clarify the Security classification tab

#333 and #334: typos;

Persuasive with Mod Nick Radov Scott M. Robertson 5-0-0


V2.9 Ballot CP2 A-S item 342 - Substantive INM-26 - Getting issue details... STATUS

add security flags to BHS and FHS – also related to CR below

V2.9 Ballot CP2 A-Q item 93 INM-28 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Related to MSH-15 and MSH-16 handling: - each bullet represents a row in the table below

Persuasive with ModUlrike Merrick Sandra Stuart 5-0-0

V2.9 Ballot CP2 A-Q item 330,335,341 INM-29 - Getting issue details... STATUS

find persuasive and have editor take out strikeout text and comment

V2.9 Ballot CP2 NEG item 95 INM-30 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Add the item numbers and remove HL7 from the table numbers for MSH-26 and 27 – persuasive with mod 

Persuasive with mod Ulrike Merrick Sandra Stuart 5-0-0

V2.9 CP2A A-S Item 202 INM-31 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Genny’s question on ODH datatype – answered 

V2.9 CP2A A-T item 345 INM-32 - Getting issue details... STATUS

: Word to pdf conversion caused the numbering to be off 

Tracked and refer to publishing Ulrike Merrick Sandra Stuart 5-0-0

V2.9 CP2A NEG item 343,344 INM-33 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Missing ELR datatype change per the minutes – it was in the document submitted, but publishing did not use the right one - Editor will make sure that is corrected for next ballot round

V2.9 CP2a A-S Items 199,200,201 INM-34 - Getting issue details... STATUS

– refer to FM  as steward of that datatype 

Referred and TrackedUlrike Merrick Kathleen Connor 4-0-0

NOTE: Scott left.

V2.9 CP2c A-S items 187,188,189,190 Refer to FM INM-35 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Referred and TrackedUlrike Merrick Sandra Stuart 4-0-0

V2.9 CP2c A-S item 209 Table 0066 INM-36 - Getting issue details... STATUS Refer to FM Segment JCC-2

Referred and Tracked

Ulrike Merrick Kathleen Connor 4-0-0

FHIR MessageDefinition Trackers:"Parent" probably isn't the right term. 

Suggest responding in the messsagedefinition

It would be possible to use PlanDefinition to indicate that certain steps in a particular protocol would involve sharing a particular message and point to MessageDefinition to describe what that message should look like.


each user of MessageDefinition can have their own ID for it, so change cardinality from 0..1 to 0..*

MessageDefinition could have more than 1 GraphDefinition: Make 0..*Nick Left

Motion to ballot the InM chapters with approved edits – editor will share draft with this group for double-checking 

Motion to ballot with approved content: Editor will send out. Ulrike Merrick Sandra Stuart 3-0-0

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 Adjournment  Adjourned at 

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Minute Approval2018-07-12 InM Agenda/Minutes
V2.9 Ballot CP2 A-S item 342 - Substantive


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