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Facilitator:  Anthony Julian

Note Taker: Anthony Julian


 XMayo Clinic
 United Healthcare
 Corepoint Health
XKaiser Permanente
XVernetzt, LLC  
XCraig Newman Northrop Grumman

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Agenda Topics

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Management Minute Approval  Approve Minutes of the 2018-06-28 meeting
ManagementElection of SD co-chair

Current candidate is Paul Knapp. Write-ins

are allowed.

Cast vote for Paul Knapp for SD co-chair
ManagementDMP Addendum

MethodologyV2.9 Reconciliation : Item 171(Robert Snelick)

 Rob will withdraw - we will action in V2.9


Item 172 (Robert Snelick)If an element is not required, and there is no content present, the item element is considered as not populated, rather than present with a length of 0.Line item 172 - Robert Snelick

V2.9 Harmonization Proposal

Add SP code to Table 0206 Problem/Goal Action Code

Accept addition of code SP to Table 0206: Print name Used in Snapshot mode.

Snapshot mode is the expected default; use this code to explicitly state that.

Use SP for Snapshot in Table 0206

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Management Next agenda  
 Adjournment  Adjourned at 4:00 PM Eastern

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Minute Approval2018-06-28 InM WG Agenda/Minutes
DMP addendum

Item 171(Robert Snelick)

INM-23 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Item 172(Robert Snelick)

INM-24 - Getting issue details... STATUS

V2.9 Harmonization Proposal

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Action items

  •  Anthony Julianwill update from Item 304, and will update Reconciliation spreadsheet

  • Anthony Julian  will update reconciliation for Item 303 - to  indicate withdrawn
  • Anthony Julian  will coordinate a room for Baltimore with Conformance and HQ