Date: 2023-11-07  

Facilitator:  Anthony Julian 

Note Taker: Anthony Julian 


XMayo Clinic

Nick Radov Co-chair

United Healthcare

Isaac Vetter Co-chair


Brian Frankl Co-chair

XVernetzt, LLC




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V2-25574 - Getting issue details... STATUS  

MMS to update the concept domain and the value sets in chapter 2C. Craig Newman/Riki Merrick 4-0-0


V2-25647 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Craig has updated the non-substantive changes Michael discovered. Latest copies are on the github site except 2c, which will be updated today.

MMS: Persuasive: Riki Merrick/Craig Newman: 4-0-1


FHIR-39635 - Getting issue details... STATUS Persuasive with mod:

Harmonize MessageHeader.event with MessageDefinition.event

Recommendation from FHIR-I is to allow SubscriptionTopic as an allowed event type.  Also believe there should be harmonization between MessageHeader and MessageDefinition to allow the same list of types for event - specifically: Coding|uri|canonical(EventDefinition|SubscriptionTopic)

MMS Riki Merrick/Brian Frankl: 3-0-2

There is no guidance on when to use what for when.

FHIR-32750 - Getting issue details... STATUS

remove the MessageDefinition.parent element.

MMS Riki Merrick/Craig Newman: 5-0-0

FHIR-31055 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Not Persuasive: Duplicate of FHIR-24644, but tooling wont allow to be marked as duplicate.

MMS: Persuasive with mod: MessageHeader.identifier was removed.

MMS: Isaac Vetter/Riki Merrick: 5-0-0

FHIR-27544 - Getting issue details... STATUS

This modification is already applied in a change to the messaging page. MMS: Isaac Vetter/Brian Frankl: 5-0-0

V2-25247 - Getting issue details... STATUS

MMS: defer Craig Newman/Riki Merrick

V2-25573 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Craig Newman / Riki Merrick : 5-0-0

Frank McKinney

Proposed topic for next meeting: Walk through approach for messaging - PDMP IG's use.
Management Next agendaNovember 21, 2023
 Adjourned at 10:51am CST.

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