Date: 13 Sep 2023

Quarter: Q1

  1. Report back from Connectathon - Implementation of Mental Health Crisis scenario - VM
  2. Update on BPM+ Health activity - LC

The Connectathon was successful with both the BPM+ and FHIR groups working together well.

MELD provided a sandbox and synthetic data that acted as the common "glue" bringing the two approaches together

The scenario agreed has three enterprises - an Emergency room presentation followed by transfer to an inpatient mental health facility and subsequent discharge to an outpatient follow-up clinic. A series of evaluations/observations, treatment orders and treatments have been modelled using FHIR resources (Care plan, Service request etc) and data set up at each stage. It became clear during the process that treatment protocols differ greatly according to setting and Jurisidiction - Suicide risk management guidelines for Australia and USA VA differed greatly. Hence, a dynamic Care plan was needed to be used to drive at least the in-patient scenario.

Both the BPM+ and FHIR groups were able to successfully access and use the synthetic data. The FHIR group needed to use manual POSTman steps to move through the scenario while this could be accomplished withing the BPM+ tool.  By the end of the Connectathon both groups had been able to successfully step through their scenarios with appropriate hand-off of data between them.

Whilst further detail needs to be built into the implementations over the next few months, everything was accomplished to be able to progress to a complete demonstration at the January Connectathon (virtual).

BPM+ Update: Much of the focus has been on the Connectathon. There has been some progress in enlarging the community and closer alignment with FHIR.


Background on SOA was presented for new attendees and the suggestion from SL of the potential name as Process and Architecture or PRANA which means "life" in Hindi was discussed. Further discussion on proposed name change to take place tomorrow.


The FHIR CPG IG was explored - it is a complex specification. A complete worked example implementation of a clinical Guideline would be helpful in understanding whether it is sufficient to implement the level of detail and multiple steps required by most guidelines. It contains a useful separation of concerns from authoring to computability.

The SWOT from 2018 was revised and updated


HSRA current status - all steps now complete for publication as Health Services Reference Architecture

Healthcare marketplace - there was some confusion about versioning which has now been resolved and the publication request will go to the next TSC meeting for approval

SWOT reviewed and approved.

2023-09-13 SOA SWOT v003.docx

Motion: Approve revised SOA SWOT as presented

Moved - SL, Seconded LC, Vote: 2/0/0

Plan discussed as to next steps for HSRA - update Services specification to reflect change in publication status of underlying standards (e.g. replace CDSS by FHIR Hooks). Complete work on the service pattern catalog. Plan when work is nearing completion apply for NIB for V2 as both work elements are covered by the original approved PSS. Intention is to ballot both artifacts under separate NIBS in the May 2024 ballot.

Expiring Standards: the Identity Service (IS #1823) is due to expire in May 2024 and Record Location Service (RLUS #1822) in September 2024. Plan is to reaffirm both standards

Motion: "Reaffirm IS and RLUS standards in the January 2024 ballot"

Moved - SL, Seconded LC Vote: 2/0/0

VM to confirm with HL7 Admin the current process for reaffirmation.



Todd Cooper presented Personal Health PSS for consideration for SOA/BPM+ support/interest. This is a joint HL7/ISO TC215 proposed project

HL7 PHN PSS-2240 Overview - 2023-09-11A.pdf

Need to find an implementation pathway that is patient/person facing. First step is a whitepaper for an informative ballot.

? future Connectathon. 

Brief summary of SOA Connectathon stream integrating BPM+ and FHIR in an acute mental health scenario

The Personal Health PSS is a good fit with SOA's current trajectory - workgroup unanimously supported co-sponsoring this initiative.

BPM+ and FHIR Tooling for CDS and process modelling

What are the available tools from both Communities?

Are there gaps?

Synthetic data (MELD) from the interoperability institute is one key component

Roll-up of key components and requirements:

MELD - Sandbox
    FHIR Server HAPI
    Synthetic data set
    Ability to link to other endpoints
    Open environment
    Premium tier (non-community) - customised synthetic data sets, Tools for creating synthetic data

BPM Modelling suite - Trisotech tooling is available to BPM Community
            - ?Nodalium (core is flowable)

Terminology Server  - ? HL7 ? Ontoserver. ?Content e.g. RxNorm vs SNOMED medications

BPM execution engine - Trisotech, Nodalium, JBPM?

?Compatibility between BPM models and different vendor runtimes.

There is no "Hello World" App demonstrating FHIR/BPM+ interoperability - Is there a need for this?
? Use connectathon to create this as an output.

?Masters project - TW to investigate if appropriate candidate can be identified

Cross enterprise communication capability is needed ? messaging ?FHIR server communication.


Joint with O+O

Discussion re order service and how this should be represented, In FHIR is still undecided.

Current SOA/BPM+ Connectathon represents an opportunity to trial some implementations e.g. service request, request orchestration etc.

KR to liaise with LC to add BPM+ to the current O+O call on this subject (CAL) for a 6 week period.- call is 09:00 Eastern


Discussion on scope and mission - minor revision to SWOT

Name change discussion.: Suggestion -  Orchestration, Services and Architecture (OSA) - a minor change in terms of abbreviation but a major change in emphasis

Motion: "To rename the workgroup from SOA to OSA - Orchestration, Services and Architecture"

Proposed KR, Seconded PL

Vote: 6/0/0

Discussed need to revise mission statement and scope to reflect this - to be done post WGM

MELD sandbox demonstration - CDS Hooks and extended hook definition capability. Data and patient manager. FHIR App registration and launch by Smart on FHIR, ability to download base standard and profiles e.g. US Core


Presentation of the VA Interoperability Blueprint 

New pages have been created. Core areas on interoperability may be excellent content for the HSRA revision

Minutes Approved as Presented 

Action items

  • Vincent McCauley to confirm process required for reaffirmation ballots for IS and RLUS

2023-09-13 SOA SWOT v003.docx