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In HL7, the Personalized Health Navigation (PHN) discussion was begun 11 May 2023 during the HL7 WGM in New Orleans.  The presentations (see Resources below) included the following overview slide:

Personalized Health Navigation – 

Enables & empowers individuals

to intentionally pursue their

own health and wellness journey...

By utilizing intelligent navigational technologies,

integrating comprehensive information

from their daily lives &

factoring in all relevant knowledge sources

To personalize, optimize and guide their

self-directed health & wellness & healthcare activities &

To facilitate coordination with their 

family, community, caregivers and healthcare team

All to attain their desired goals.

A primary differentiator between PHN and other projects within HL7 is its focus on person (not necessarily patient) directed health and wellness navigation, with healthcare coordination when appropriate and optimized to return to a state of optimal health and wellness.   

The project focuses on the WHO definition of Health:  a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.

HL7 PHN Project

HL7 PSS-2197 Personalized Health Navigation Project Proposal was reviewed and approved for distribution by the HL7 Devices WG , and completed HL7 review and "Accepted" on  .  This proposal begins the broad discussion of PHN within the HL7 community and proposes the following three general project deliverables:

  1. PHN White Paper – A balloted paper that will establish the broad HL7-wide perspective on advancing PHN
  2. PHN FHIR Implementation Guides – Based on the consensus established in the white paper
  3. HL7 PHN Implementation Community – including FHIR Connectathon track(s), open source implementations, education materials, etc.

Next Milestones:

  1. PSS-2197 Project Proposal Approval - COMPLETE () Accepted!!! - this will establish both the scope and subject relevance within the HL7 community + identify those groups that are actively interested in participation 
  2. PSS-2240 PHN Project Scope Statement (PSS)  - Drafting underway, to be submitted for approval end of July  / August - the formal project plan, including primary work group and supporting groups
    1. HL7 PHN PSS-2240 "Pitch" ( at HL7 WGM Phoenix:  
    2. HL7 PE WG Overview Presentation ( ) :  HL7 PHN Project Overview for PSS 2023-08-10A.pdf
  3. PHN White Paper Kick-Off - HL7 WGM September 2023 in Phoenix

Joint HL7-ISO PHN Program

The HL7 PHN Project will be pursued as a joint effort in collaboration with the ISO/TC215/WG11 Personalized Digital Health Informatics 9472 PHN Standards family.  As proposed in the kick-off presentation (see Resources below):

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Bibliography / Resources

HL7 PHN Presentations / Documents

  1. PHN Conceptual Overview / Introduction (presented to HL7 DEV 11 May 2023 New Orleans):  PHN Presentation at HL7 Jain 230509.pdf
  2. HL7 PHN Project Discussion Kick-off (presented to HL7 DEV 11 May 2023 New Orleans + ISO/TC215/WG11 23 May 2023):  HL7 DEV - PHN Project Kick-off 2023-05-25A.pdf (updated)

PHN Presentations & Papers

  1. IEEE Computer Personal Health Navigator April 2019.pdf
  2. PHN General Conceptual Overview Presentation (WebIntelligence 2018 Santiago 181204 final.pdf)
  3. PHN Architectural Overview (9472-1 - PHN Architecture Document - Overview - Jain 220603.pdf; originally presented to TC215/WG11 June 2022)
  4. UCI / IFH PHN Projects Page
  5. ISO 9472-20100 Food and Nutrition Jain Sapporo 230111 .pdf (originally presented to ISO/TC215/WG11 January 2023)

Related Technical Articles

  1. "Challenges and Solutions for Designing and Managing pHealth Ecosystems" (Bernd Blobel, 2019) – Frontiers in Medicine_Challenges and Solutions for Designing and Managing pHealth Ecosystems.pdf
  2. "Managing Healthcare Transformation Towards P5 Medicine" (Bernd Blobel, lead researcher, 2022) – 9 Articles / Free Download
  3. "Transforming Healthcare Through Digital Revolutions" (Ram Sriram, NIST; 2020) – Sriram_et_al-2020-Journal_of_the_Indian_Institute_of_Science.pdf

Open Source Implementations & Tooling

  1. UCI/IFU Personicle Application
  2. <Personal Health Navigator - Gitlab project - link to be added soon>

PHN White Paper

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Meetings / Events

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2023.10.13-14PHN Food & Nutrition WorkshopWorkshopTokyoA key element of Personalized Health Navigation is the integration of food & nutrition information and then leveraging that for "Food Navigator" component.  This workshop will focus on the identification of the key elements needed in such a navigator, as well as strategies for standardization and implementation / pilot project work.  (Contact:  Todd Cooper or Mihoko Okada )

"Location":  Hybrid = both Virtual & In-Person options are provided.

Action Items / Tasks

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