Facilitator:  Chris Johnson 

Scribe: Robin Isgett  


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HL7 ANSI Anti-Trust Policy

HL7 adheres to the ANSI Anti-Trust policy.  We should avoid sharing any information on this call that could be interpreted as anti-competitive.  If there are topics that you don’t normally speak about in other public settings, such as conferences or trade shows, then it’s probably best to save those topics for another time as this is a public call. If you have any questions you can refer to the GOM section 05.01 or consult your companies legal division.

Chris read Antitrust statement.

 Minutes Approval  -   2023-05-02 PIE WG Meeting Agenda/Minutes

Minutes approved by consent.

New Proposals and PSS for review - PIE comments of interest

  1. Project Proposals:  
    1. PSS-2206 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    2. PSS-2205 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  2. Project Scope Statements

PSS - 2206  FHIR CDS HIV Testing & Prevention IG.  PIE comment - PIE WG wants to receive periodic updates, maybe at the WG meetings.

PSS - 2205  Develop Guidance on Patient Characteristics.  PIE comment - PIE WG does not need to be involved at this time.

PSS - 2200  FHIR Capability Statement IG.  PIE comment - PIE WG is an interested party and would like periodic updates.

HL7 May WGM and ConnectathonUpdatesReviewed agenda from the work group meeting.  Durwin stated that 340 people attended the Connectathon.  Durwin was in the CDex track.  They were supposed to test questionnaires, but did not get to it because they felt the need to bring new people "up to speed" first.  The PIE WG will be giving feedback regarding reevaluating WGM plus.  Most agree that the presentations were excellent, but they interfered with regular workgroup face time. 

The PIE WG period for nominations for 2 added work group co-chair position(s) has started.  This 2 year term will cover 2024-2025. 

This email communication serves as an announcement to our PIE work group that all co-chair nominations must be completed no later than 5:00 p.m. ET Thursday, June 15, 2023. 

Criteria that must be met to be eligible to be nominated as a Work Group co-chair:

  • must be current individual members; individuals who represent a current Organizational member although not necessarily as a designated voting representative; or individuals who represent a current Affiliate member although not necessarily as a designated voting representative.
  • must have affirmation that they are an active member of the WG in question and have the capacity to fulfill the co-chair duties as required from at least one existing co-chair of the WG in question (not themselves) and at least one member of the WG in question (not themselves).
  • NOTE: Any individual who wants to run for election, including current and interim co-chairs, must be nominated (self-nomination is acceptable).  Additionally, nominees are required to be either a current individual member or representative of a current organizational or Affiliate member (although not necessarily a voting member).  Co-chairs are required to retain an active membership throughout their term.  Failure to do so will result in the co-chair being denied access to the HL7 ballot desktop and not being listed as a co-chair on the website.  Individuals who fail to comply will also be denied co-chair benefits, including the ability to upload minutes or update files on the NIB site.

We have 2 PIE WG Members that have interest in the added Co-Chair positions:

Chris Johnson (current interim co-chair) BCBS AL

Karuna Relwani (BCBSA)

Any other interested?

Peter Gunter will no longer be able to serve as an interim co-chair due to new company policy. However, Peter will still participate at our weekly meetings as a PIE WG member.  We would like to thank Peter for his contributions as an interim co-chair over the past 8 months.

Christol will vouch for Chris and Robin will vouch for Karuna.
  1.  LOINC new Questionnaire Code discussion at HL7 WGM with Regenstrief? 
Not submitted yet.  Elevance wants to add a special investigations LOINC.  Christol will go over the process with Chris.

Office of National Coordinator's HTI-1 proposed rule

Health Data, Technology, and Interoperability: Certification Program Updates, Algorithm Transparency, and Information Sharing (HTI-1) Proposed Rule

This rule is RIN: 0955-AA03. Release date: April 18th.  Comments due: June 20th 

ONC seeks to implement provisions of the 21st Century Cures Act and make updates to the ONC Health IT Certification Program with new and updated standards, certification criteria, and implementation specifications in 45 CFR Part 170. 

The proposed rule also includes multiple requests for information (RFI) to inform potential future rulemaking. RFI topic areas include electronic prior authorization, lab interoperability, predictive decision support interventions, and advanced Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resource (FHIR®) capabilities, among others across parts 170 and 171. 

Key provisions of the proposed rule include:

  • Implementing the Electronic Health Record Reporting Program as new Condition and Maintenance of Certification requirements (Insights Condition) for developers of certified health information technology (health IT) under the Certification Program. 
  • Modifying and expanding exceptions in the information blocking regulations to support information sharing and certainty for regulated actors. 
  • Revising several Certification Program certification criteria, including existing criteria for clinical decision support (CDS), patient demographics and observations, electronic case reporting, and application programming interfaces for patient and population services.  
  • Raising the baseline version of the United States Core Data for Interoperability (USCDI) from Version 1 to Version 3. 
  • Updating standards adopted under the Certification Program to advance interoperability, support enhanced health IT functionality, and reduce burden and costs.
  • Simplifying the Certification Program and supporting more modular and extensible future updates, ONC is proposing to discontinue the year-themed editions. This change will also support broader use of certification criteria and standards adopted by ONC for other federal agencies and programs.

ONC resources including webinar schedule: https://www.healthit.gov/topic/laws-regulation-and-policy/health-data-technology-and-interoperability-certification-program 

Do we want to make comments on HTI-1 proposed rule by June 20th?  Since USCDI and Information Blocking will affect payers, the workgroup was asked to review and decide at the next meeting if we want to submit comments.

Industry Events

2023 Calendar of events

WEDI Spring Conference | May 22 -25, 2023 Virtual

X12 Summer Working Group Meetings | June 4- 8, 2023 San Antonio TX

WEDI Summer Forum| August 1 – 2, 2023 Chicago IL

eSolutions Xchange 2023 Blues Conference | August 27 - August 30, 2023 The Coeur d'Alene Golf & Spa Resort

37th Annual Plenary, Working Group Meeting and HL7 FHIR Connectathon |Sep 9, 2023 to Sep 15, 2023 - Sheraton Phoenix Downtown, Phoenix, AZ

X12 Fall Standing Meeting | October 1- 5, 2023 Cincinnati OH

WEDI National Conference | November 6-9 in Washington, DC & Virtual

ONC 2023 Annual Meeting December 14 - 15, 2023

Reviewed events.  No PIE WG meeting on the 25th because of WEDI conflict.
Open FloorConflict next week with WEDI Spring Virtual conference 

Karuna asked if anyone can join workgroup calls or do you have to be a member?  Yes, anyone can join without being a member.

Next meeting will be on 05/30/23.

 Adjourned at 3:15 PM EST

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