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Location:  New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Active Quarters: Q2 Monday   - Q2 Friday  

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  • Create Template for Joint IEEE 11073 PoCD and HL7 DEV WG start of  
  • Create Template for   - Tuesday's Q3 - Q4 HL7 DEV - Friday Q2
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  • Review and make motion to approve these meeting minutes (during September 2023 WG meeting) 
  • ACTION (John J. Garguilo ) Update (prior to start of May 2023 WG Meetings) entry for DEV at: HL7 Overall Tracking Page (for each WG)

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May 2023 HL7-DEV WG meeting Notes by Day/Quarter: 

May 2023 HL7 DEVICE WG Attendance Log recorded here.

Day / DateNotes



Meeting Notes from Todd Cooper 

FHIR Connectathon - Devices Track



Meeting Notes from  John J. Garguilo


WGM+ Agenda:

  • Keynote: HL7 and the Policy Landscape / Panel ELT

No DEV Meetings - WGM+ Session:  WGM+ Keynote: HL7 and the Policy Landscape / Panel ELT (Charles Jaffe, Alix Goss, Dan Vreeman, Diego Kaminker, Viet Nguyen

Monday Q2-Q4, IEEE 11073 PoCD WG

Recorded Attendance: May 2023 HL7 DEVICE WG Attendance 

IEEE POCD Meeting minutes (unapproved) in IMEET-CENTRAL IEEE POCD WEB

  • Unofficial MEETING NOTES on HL7 DEV Meeting Minutes page from John J. Garguilo 

IEEE-SA iMeetCentral Folder for: 11073 Point of Care Device Working Group

Monday Q2, May 8, 2023

Start Q2 (11 AM)

IEEE 11073 PoCD Working Group 

11:00 - Call to Order (IEEE 11073 POCD Officers)

11:05 - Introduction and Affiliation Declarations (WG, All) 

  1. Establish Quorum - Quorum established

11:15 - Approval of Agenda (WG, All)

11:25 - Approval of Previous Meeting Minutes (WG, All)

11:35 - IEEE Policies (IEEE 11073 POCD Officers) 

  1. IEEE SA Call for Patents - call made, no patents (Michael Kipness)
  2. IEEE SA Copyright Policy Presentation - No copyrights noted in room or on-line (Michael Kipness)
  3. IEEE SA Individual Participation (Michael Kipness read IEEE statement).
    1. Participant behavior in IEEE-SA activities is guided by the IEEE Codes of Ethics & Conduct

11:45 - IEEE program manager (updates, PARs, drafts, training, dates)

Michael Kipness - taking over for Tom Thompson

Introduction - New Program Manager - IEEE Liaison (been w/ IEEE since 2005)

Michael also serves as PM for other IEEE standards - approx. 93 PARs


  • Michael reminded officers about training and requirements update… within first 90 days there is a :30 minute module (or no later of Dec. 31st of present calendar year).
    • Understanding of IEEE Copyright and Anti-Trust
    • Michael Faughn made comment about martials being rather lengthy - might be much
    • Modules are comprehensive about IEEE-SA processes
    • IEEE-SA is interested as feedback
  • Updates on standards:

PoCD standard updates

Noted: lines 4, and 6-13 are from SDC, mainly because they all started at same date.

Active Standards and expiration dates:

12:15 - SC/IEEE POCD updates 

Ken Fuchs - POCD Chair provided Updates:

Ken noted the number of members in Steering Committee: ~60 Members, 15 Voting Members

SDC: noted companies are holding "Connectathons" - interoperation happens in which companies agree to changes in Biceps…  Some of the changes are non-conformant (e.g., various libraries from Draeger, etc., - in which company is interested in advancement of SDC standard drafts)…

-P2933 Draft 1


  • 250 in WG, 20-30 Active…number from Industry and Academic
  • Comment period has ended, Ken noted they would be happy to receive additional comments
  • About 75 Comments - second pass - then go to ballot group
  • Over 1200 "Shalls" in document - most in Use Cases (which might not be considered "Shall" from conformance viewpoint
  • Started with use cases and scenarios
  • Four Use Cases are given as a core to discover the requirements…
    1. Connected Monitoring Device
    2. Connected Therapy Device
    3. Hospital @Home Use Case
    4. Home to Hospital Use Case
  • The document is accessible P2933/D1

Chat copied:

from Tokyo/Japan. In Tokyo, it is 1:07 AM.\from John Garguilo to everyone:    12:11 PM

Please log attendance at:

from Michael Kipness IEEE SA to everyone:    12:53 PM

May 19 is the next PAR submittal deadline

from Javier Espina - Philips to everyone:    1:02 PM

from Javier Espina - Philips to everyone:    1:03 PM

Scroll all the way down for the list of members


(Official IEEE-SA Folders)

  • ACTION John J. Garguilo and IEEE-SA Liaison Michael Kipness to work on potential to expand MOU (report back in future meetings).

12:30 - Lunch break

Monday Q3, May 8, 2023

IEEE 11073 PoCD Working Group 

Technical Presentation(s), Contribution(s) or Discussion(s)        

RTM Subgroup updates (Rosetta Terminology Mapping) - Paul Schluter

Update on 11703-10101b-D3 Ballot and Draft Status

  • See slides for detail

  • Paul discussed resolution of the 25 "Must be satisfied" (10101b-D2 comments)

    • Only 3 remain which are of rejected status…

  • One comment was standard appears to make assumption of a containment tree…

  • Pre-coordinated… e.g., a dialysis pump has up to six pumps (anything more complicated than a "flow" then they all use same facet… lesson learned to get agreement in a pre-coordinated manner…

  • Note: Presently, the new RTMMS does not generate a "containment tree" but might be some additional functionality in the future…

  • R1-66: two groups have expertise but different

  • Issue on making units normative.

    • Annex J is now normative - slight side effect is that for each MDC member there is an UCUM

    • There may be a case where there are UCUMs without an equivalent unit in MDC

    • Table J.2 is now normative (see note above about diamond character to handle Upper case "liter"

Discussion on when or when not the group may have to accept pre-coordination as a compromise (but not a compromise in safety and effectiveness…  Paul indicated he is ok with this…

Comment made when going from SDC to FHIR

Paul noted he'd like to get the 10101 comments out prior to the IHE-PCD (May 23rd, 1-5 PM)

Ballot group can only see the comments…

Michael Faughn had a comment (not to disparage the quality of work done by Paul) - however, having said that it has been consistent in that we don't have more structure around the ballot group, be invited to join the group to help resolve… would be good to get more structure around the balloting process…

 IDCO Subgroup updates (Implanted Devices Cardiac Observation terminology) Paul Schluter for 

SDC Subgroup updates (Service-oriented Device Connectivity) (Martin Kasparick and Bjorn Anderson)

(Martin Kasparick  & Bjorn Anderson) Berlin, Germany (Booth in OR.NET)

Broad range of Manufactures with near product SDC enabled devices.

HIMSS Demo: (Silent Alarm)

Demo and Talk - Most attended demonstration and presentation at HIMSS Showcase!!! (smile)

  • Diagram above showed status of SDC work…

  • Martin K. noted a technical with

  • SDPi 1.0.0 Trial  Implementation published

  • Meet every 2-3 months to do plug-a-thons… all welcome - see confluence page

    • 13th one starts tomorrow (May 8, 2023)


  • Progress has advanced from about 30% to more than 50% of work done.

  • Kosta noted the effort has supported FDA focus (e.g., 60601-1-8).

Monday Q4, May 8, 2023

IEEE PoCD Working Group

PHD 11073 updates

Philips (Eric Moll) provided demonstration (code available for client and server)

Observation uploaded from Server follow the PHD IG (not coming from IEEE-10101) based on ACOM (if following and IG, it would be simpler and more direct)

 IHE DEV updates (John Rhoads)

  • (John Rhoads) - GHS and ACOM - PCH (Personal Connect Health)

  • Silent Hospitals work

  • WGs working on Alert Communication Management - with extensions

  • Location Services - communication about system internals between systems in the context of enterprise systems

  • Activity about caring further the rigor of Connectathon Testing.

  • PCIM

Standards Coordination/reports (AAMI, ISO, NIST, FDA, LOINC, SNOMED, CSA)

  • ISO TC215, WG2 (Interoperability) - IEEE forwarded as ISO standards where ISO will vote on the standards (up or down) - if comments will come back to IEEE PoCD WG (at which point IEEE would have to revise the standard - through next revision).  ISO, if accepted puts a cover on the IEEE standard - ISO has a 5 year cycle, IEEE has a 10 Year cycle.

  • TC215 WG4 - (Security)

  • NIST - new release of RTMMS

  • FDA - AI has become focus…

    • ASCA - system interoperability can be the next pilot - new budget requirements now (e.g., 606xx for test labs)

11073 lifecycles from cases, development to recognition, adoption & value/IoT

Kosta noted the demonstration from Philips

Meeting plan (September 2023, AAMI/FDA/IEEE joint WG meeting POCD-PHD-IHE)

  • Kosta noted there have been discussion for over a year, now AAMI is sponsoring and FDA event (three rooms - Sept 26-28th for three working groups: PHD - about 20 people; PoCD - about 30 people; and IHE - about 20 people + some invited guests (e.g., AAMI, FDA - ASCA and standards,

  • AAMI is offering a nice joint room and rooms for breakout sessions…

  • This meeting is proposed to be in place of IEEE PoCD portion of the usual HL7 WG meeting for IEEE PoCD (September 4 - 8, 2023)

    • First steps would be to define what the WG meeting would look like, with the last day - have a coordinated set of sessions:

    • E.g., Terminology, Lab - using LOINC and SNOMED - how to connect - real mappings…

  • Burden of mappings would fall on the Terminology it comes from, non-trivial ; also issue of "equivalency"…

  • Paul noted, the mappings would best happen at the containment tree level…

  • There will be planning sessions in the next month - for about 10 folks or so…

Other/new business/ideas 

  • No new business

Adjournment by Chair

  • No motion needed

Monday Q5: Co-Chairs Meeting and Dinner

  • Noted: No Co-Chair Meeting Report out needed 




Recorded Attendance: May 2023 HL7 DEVICE WG Attendance 


Tuesday Q1, 9 AM - 10:30 AM (Central Time - U.S.)

No DEV Meetings - WGM+ Session:  WGM+ Keynote: ONC: Standards Policies for Interoperability / Argonaut Accelerator Overview / Gravity Project Accelerator Overview (Steven Posnack, Brett Marquard, Venessa A Candolera, Corey Smith)

Tuesday Q2, 11 AM - 12:30 PM (Central Time - U.S.)

No DEV Meetings - WGM+ Session:  WGM+ Keynote: TEFCA and the US National Infrastructure on FHIR / FAST Accelerator Overview: Why FHIR Infrastructure Matters (Micky Tripathi, Duncan Weatherston)

Tuesday Q3, 12:45 PM - 3:00 PM (Central Time - U.S.)

  • Welcome, Introductions, and Agenda Review (HL7 Officers)

  • Welcome and Introductions (to the HL7 DEV portion of WG meetings
    • ANSI Anti-Trust Policy read to attendees (Garguilo): 

      Professional Associations, such as HL7, which bring together competing entities are subject to strict scrutiny under applicable antitrust laws. HL7 recognizes that the antitrust laws were enacted to promote fairness in competition and, as such, supports laws against monopoly and restraints of trade and their enforcement. Each individual participating in HL7 meetings and conferences, regardless of venue, is responsible for knowing the contents of and adhering to the HL7 Antitrust Policy as stated in §05.01 of the Governance and Operations Manual (GOM).

    • Keith presented slides (see slides)
    • Challenges of representing information with different nomenclatures and terminologies

  • The two diagrams above illustrate the discrepancies of use of codes/terms

  • Challenge is as the cycle repeats (above) the data integrity depletes
  • Inconsistencies across the ecosystem

  • Different healthcare systems using different healthcare data (underlying codes or data fields)
    • There will data transformations that occur  (mappings) - coupled with IGs
    • For example, if using clinical decision is being done
    • Quality of a standard may not represent quality of cumulative set of standards
    • Is the IG correct?
      • Who is the authority?
      • Need is to integrate in order to fix some of these gaps (e.g., how should it come off the device, how should it be represented in the data communication/transport layer, how should it be stored, and on and on…)
  • The SHIELD efforts are working within HL7 to address issues that have been identified in various health care settings around the world.

  • How do we reduce ambiguity, work together to gain consistency within the barriers of the ecosystem.

SHIELD is working on bringing this forward, would HL7 DEV be interested in participating…

Key suggestion is shown below:

  • HL7 DEV did do a mapping of about 650 LOINC mappings with units ect…
  • Comment about doing nomenclature in more of "crowd sourcing" way…
  • 11073 is more than device date, also includes things like observations, alerts, etc
  • Keith is proposing we facilitate work in this space and using tools, new or existing, then curate in the appropriate space.
  • Ultimately, SHIELD wants to be able to represent different standards in one place and build connections between them to ensure that their relationships can be viewed, edited, and changed in one place.
  • Martin Rosner noted that this is harmonizing IEEE Terms with BlueTooth.  What is the subset, who is curating, what is the flow…
  • Noted to make explicit vs. implicit interdependencies…
  • Kosta noted he also can bring back to PM at FDA - this notion of discrepancies SNOMED CT and LOINC
  • ACTION Keith Campbell indicated Slides will be shared. (Keith Campbell and Marti Velezis)
  • Next steps:  Further discussion w/ LOINC
    • (there was no support SNOMED and IEEE mappings).
    • Establish a discussion with PCD PoCD chairs, and IEEE (Kosta to lead?)
    • Start with Use Cases…
    • Next need requirements…
    • Noted: Agreement between that LOINC will work to create an extension to SNOMED, so that LOINC will work with SNOMED, global CC 4.0 (to take care of license issues) - content would be available to SNOMED and LOINC licenses… may be a big change openness
    • Down the road… IEEE PoCD Leadership - Kosta M., Stefan Schlichting, and Mike Faughn to discuss with Mike Kipness (IEEE-SA Liaison) - from IEEE side?

Tuesday Q4, 3:30 PM - 5:00 PM (Central Time - U.S.)


  • Agenda Review (Garguilo)
    • Slight edits made to Q3/Q4 Tuesday, to accommodate some representation at OO (Marti Velezis) - while remainder of group remained at DEV.  Also, Tuesday Q3 was primarily consumed by the discussion on SHIELD, thus topics move to this Q4.
    • DEV WG members approved HL7 DEV Agenda for week.
  • Meeting Minute Review and Approval (Garguilo)
    • Jan 2023 WG Meeting Minutes
    • Garguilo walked through January 2023 meeting notes
    • Discussion - one minor spelling edit noted by Elliot Silver and fixed
    • Motion to approve 2023 January Meeting Minutes made by John Rhoads; second: Elliot Silver;  vote:  11-0-0 (for-against-abstain), motion approved.
  • WG Health Metrics (May 2023)
    • DEV has 2 items, thus no red star - mainly many "stale" JIRA tickets…
    • No Gold Star (sad)
    • 1754 - No issues
    • ACTION @ Todd Cooper: 1766 - Need to update project date (Cooper)
    • 1767 - No issues
    • 1277 - No Issues
    •  May Interim Work Group Health
    • Projects (DEV)
  • DEV Co-chair elections (Garguilo)
    • Noted that no Co-Chairs are up for re-election for May 2023 meetings
    • Co-Chairs Chris Courville, John Garguilo, and Todd Cooper terms end December 2023
    • Co-Chairs Martin Hurrell and Martin Rosner terms end 2024
    • Chris Courville has indicated he will not seek re-election, so at least one Co-Chair position will be open;
      Please consider nominations going into the September 2023 WG meetings (Phoenix).

HL7 DEV, OO,  BR&R (DEV Representative Marti Velezis at OO)

  • See OO Meeting Notes for details of 9 May 2023 - Tuesday, Q4 Session
Day / DateNotes; HL7 DEV WG Meetings




Recorded Attendance: May 2023 HL7 DEVICE WG Attendance   

  • Welcome and Introductions (new attendees)

  • Introductions: 

Garguilo read ANSI Anti-Trust Policy: 

Professional Associations, such as HL7, which bring together competing entities are subject to strict scrutiny under applicable antitrust laws. HL7 recognizes that the antitrust laws were enacted to promote fairness in competition and, as such, supports laws against monopoly and restraints of trade and their enforcement. Each individual participating in HL7 meetings and conferences, regardless of venue, is responsible for knowing the contents of and adhering to the HL7 Antitrust Policy as stated in §05.01 of the Governance and Operations Manual (GOM). 

 Room "TBD"

Wednesday Q1, 9 AM - 10:30 AM (Central Time - U.S.)

NIST Test Tools

RTMMS (Michael Faughn)

Discussion on if APIs and use of getting access to terms

To date:

  •  48 registered users…

  • MDC Terms: 48,954

    • Published

  • MDC Units: 65

  • Improved Search capabilities

  • Fixed Styling issues

  • All terms of 10101b ballot

  • Michael

    • Paul Schluter noted that this Excel is very helpful for the document centric view of all of this…

    • R3/R4 code FHIR resource

    • 10101R, 1000 Word pages

    • 10101C -

    • Excel is nicely formatted - easier to use as formal review for the IEEE-SA documentation process

Plan to sunset earlier version (but it is available should folks not be comfortable with the transition to the new system)

  • The above slide

  • Michael proved a demo of system (how to get an account, username/password, and the functionality - including search capabilities, downloading…)

Above is screen shot for searching on columns, pagination (e.g., viewing up to 100 results).

  • Mapping of UCUM units to MDC Codes: proposed mapping

    • Mapping of deprecated term (itself) to unit

  • Go to Record capability:

    • Flavors of...

Michael noted that there are situations when the terminology has certain characteristics
However, The RTMMS system is not perfect; thus there are times when a user might find they want to see more, so please let NIST know…

System does open new tabs (conscious decision of design)

Question from Elliot Silver: is there list of issues? Or bug tracker…
For example, for IG Publisher - there is a "suggested" change at bottom of each page…
Elliot noted there is a lot of process for JIRA tracking, however if one goes to tracker for IG Publisher - they are very light weight - using GitHub.  There are some requirements on NIST ends.

Note FHIRr3/4 CodeSystem Resource.

Paul Schluter (Terminology Update)

Ballot resolution accepted by IEEE-SA :-)
Draft 3 is now open - 10 day recirculation ballot
Also recognized by ISO once completed through the IEEE process.
Recognized as an ANSI Open Standard.

Ballot members will get a notification from IEEE-SA automated system.

Wednesday Q2, 11 AM - 12:30 PM (Central Time - U.S.)

Anesthesia (incl. Medication Administration + insertion of passive devices)
Martin Hurrell Introduced the topic
• Previously/formally known as IOTA
• About ~5000 terms for Anesthesia 
• X73 Cross references
• Native format was OWL --> now converted to an XLS file
• Martin and Grant Forrest are considering some procedures that are quite complicated, collection of procedures that support other procedures…
    • In particular devices that to introduce and check their positions
    • e.g., guide wires, real time imaging, and other such complex ancillary procedures

The "pink" boxes are in and of their self quite complicated and involve device association, and any number of use cases.

• Gemini Device Interoperability Update -
• SDPi 1.1 & 1.2 ( Todd Cooper )
• PSS-1980 – Projects List 

Martin asked if the above approach seems appropriate and fine?  Group indicated this approach is appropriate…

Martin showed the above - and indicated the fact that we are limited to one body site is problematic…
To extend would effectively break the standard…
Paul Schluter noted OBX-20 allows for multiple body sites… Could record site locations, such as insertion site, the other the tip site (as an array)

Elliot Silver noted the body site resource
Marti V. noted we cannot use Device Usage Resource… we really need to figure the correct resource for the anesthesia resource.
• The gets in the issue of pulling out Device Association from the Device Resource… would first need to look at Device Association.
• Paul mentioned a new resource, like Body Site Pathway (also DICOM might have something similar)… getting such a thing 
• Marti V. believes it would need to be on Device Association… and add to that… so still in time to add/adjust to the Association…
    • Thus - Suggestion is look at Device Association first (Maturity Level 0 at this point)

    • R5 can be changed for R6
    • E.g., instead of bodyStructure - ordered list or just a collection of bodyStuctures (or more than a refernce - a backbone)…
    • Device Usage should perhaps be a codable concept(?)…
However a reference is heavy weight, but a reference

As shown above, as unpacked there quite a number of procedures/sub-procedures - so using the resource in a nested way is likely the way to go forward…

Grant also noted the procedure code 0..1 - there are instances where there are codes from SNOMED and sometimes for LOINC (or both)…
Martin H. noted both codes with be shared…

• Next steps: some really helpful suggested to get past the issues brought forward today… 
• Take the specific use cases (e.g., for CVC) rendering them to get into the details to produce a publish component rendering… which would become a production "job" in FHIR speak…

Gemini Device Interoperability Update -

SDPi 1.1 & 1.2 ( Todd Cooper )

PSS-1980 – Projects List 

Todd Cooper introduced the topic of IHE-HL7 Gemini SES+MDI Program Update .
    • A lot has happened since our last WG meetings in January 2023…
    • After 3 years, we were successful (approved April 10, 2023 by HL7 - Gemini is joint HL7 and IHE (which was already approved).
    • There were a lot of process changes and people change in HL7 - so it was actually created in March 2022… but all resolve down to one thing needed - IEEE Copyright Permissions Letter.
    • HL7 wanted IEEE to include HL7 in permission letter…

• Ask for today: getting a "Project List" in addition to SDPi, such as some of the Integration Statements (ICS tables - 10700 + 10701 - add a column of if SDPi address the conformance statements + references to the statements…) as well as White Papers (e.g., "What is Medical Device"…  Also on the IHE DEV Repo - add to DEV Technical Framework (e.g, this is what a device is and these are device focus areas…

• SDPi Version 1 was officially published (much work "under the hood" of migration and tools to produce the IHE Style Guides, duel logo and copyright "Joint Hl7-IHE Gemini Device Interoperability 
• Need to figure out where to publish in HL7
• Todd indicated that there are about 5 issues on the table - none show stoppers - to be addressed by Dan Vreeman (Steering Committee) after WG mtgs…  in their "court" to address the how/where/when question…
• HL7 appears to be interested, active and engaged…
• To get a project proposal in HL7 one has to identify a repository… what is this… and would it be the same as IHE?
• Governance? (open discussion on the repository)… also there is a wiki page (which would likely point back to confluence pages)
• Interoperability matrix for the Plug a thons (SDC Plug-a-thon, one of which will end tomorrow - 11 May 2023
    • Matrix tells which company is testing what- on an every other month cadence
    • IHE DE "Plugathons" #12 & #13!  Pushing to a hybrid IHE CAT late 2023
• CAT events… once there are trial implementation versions, what does that look like in 2023 and beyond - transitioning to IHE Connectathon Testing (but note hybrid - thus quarterly releases built upon plug-a-thon model - hybrid makes low cost entry and little travel, using Gazelle… 
    • Could also participate in the more formal IHE Test Events (e.g.,  IHE-NA "Connectathon")
    • Many of the device companies in SDC/SDPi would have already been involved
• Todd noted all the recent presentations, conferences, and the wonderful successes
Todd noted group can get back to the following document and would love help:

This Friday Q1/2, Todd has established a SDPi Security Operationalization Workshop
    • Background
    • What is SDPi Security
    • What are the main challenges
        ○ #1 Challenge - Certificates
• Afterwards, July in Lubeck Germany a follow on workshop (and getting at Version 1.2 and 2.0) - Multi MDS and BICEOS  + ensembles + system context profiling
• Todd noted that on the FHIR side of things, we will be able to engage better (as an HL7 advanced project and accelerator…)
• 35 issues tied to 1.1 release; 1.2 use cases (e.g., device coupling - such patient association to multiple device; what we call "device association")
• Article on Major/Minor fixes…
• Version 1.2 publish date is being targeted for fall (~Oct 2023)…
• Alarm management major topic for 2024
• Working on reorganizing the information (story lines are clean and crisp)… from the Gemini page…

  • ACTION: Gemini  List of high-level list of projects… to be forwarded on to the Gemini Steering Committee…

Wednesday Q3, 12:45 PM - 3:00 PM (Central Time - U.S.)

(Todd Cooper)
NOTE: Added one more item from prior (closing) Q2 topic (Todd Cooper) on 'Device Interoperability'
    • JSON file of the HL7 / IHE SDPi specification
    • Meta data provide links to other information in JSON representation…
    • This goes along with why the documentation was done using ASCIIDoc - e.g., allows pointing to clauses in use case tables, or to conformance clauses…
    • This helps manufactures who need to have requirements validation tool (automated with however one imports into the manufacturer's tool)…

Gemini DEV.SDPi IHE + HL7 Github Repository "Governance" (Todd Cooper )

  • What to do about:  DEV.SDPi ?!
    • Just a policy thing - need to know how to do this…
    • Todd asked Joshua Procious about 
    • One for Device Alerting
    • One for DEV.SDPi
    • How should the Github Repo be structured in HL7
    • It is known how to do this on IHE side…
  • Outcome is to forge ahead until DEV hears otherwise from HL7

DeviceAlert Resource - Advance project materials (from Module page to Resource definitions; see references page)

  • DeviceAlert Proposal
    • Todd produced a Confluence Page - based on DeviceAssociation (from Marti V. and Hans B.)
    • Todd filled in the various categories (borrowed the Zombie page to start work: see

  • Descriptive test: E.g., The proposal is for DIS, no DAS

Elliot Silver noted he's like to see in and out of scope areas (e.g., references that use flagged
    • How is this different than a "detected issue"?
    • Elliot noted that the Location and Observation of Alert may not be "subject" 
        ○ He suggests that the subject of the alert is the device.
Todd adapted a 'device association' (proposal) to write up an 'alert association'

Questions about if we have multiple Connectathons before R6… (assumed so…) 

DEV JIRA Tickets (See also Thursday Q1 at OO)
Topic Not addressed in Q3 (out of time)

Wednesday Q4, 3:30 PM - 5:00 PM (Central Time - U.S.)

  • Quick review of Device Alert FHIR resource proposal and project dates
    • Next milestone – agreed on May 2024
    • Project end date discussion – agreed on May 2026
    • Action Item – Todd to send email to Dave to update these project dates
    • Todd briefly reviewed the UML model
    • The subject of the alerts may be the patient or the device
    • Attributes may include: Device/Patient/Location/Observation
    • Reviewed the event pattern to see if we will use that as the base:
    • Added clarification that this may follow the Event pattern
    • Discussed why the Flag is not appropriate – Todd will wordsmith the language based on the discussion
    • Discussed Resource Relationships section and Resource Boundaries
    • Motion: To submit the request for Device Alert FHIR resource: motion made by Todd Cooper and Seconded by Javier Espina; motion passed without abstains or dissentions
    • Resulting proposal is here:
  • DEV FHIR - Any additional discussions 
    • R5 & IG's:   Update PoCD or PHD?  Subscription support is THE major R5 enhancement - support?
      • Many changes have been made in R5; as we look to move forward, we plan to do that on R5
      • What to do with the IGs? Should we harmonize to R5?
      • Not much implementations of these IG now
      • We can use extension do bring elements from R5 to R4
      • One option is to finish R4 and the move to R5 (or R6)
      • Maturity of Device Metric depends on having implementations tested at a connectathon
        • There are new implementations of this and will be presented during one of our Wed. call
          • ACTION – invite Veeresh Nama from Navomi Cloud Solutions to our Wed. or Mon. call (Martin R. has contact info)
      • Maturity is currently at 1 but should be moved to 2 as you don’t need implementations to get to level 2
        • Action for Mon./Wed. call – define timeline for moving up on maturity of device metric if we target R5 and/or R6 for the PoCD IG
    • Module:Devices Confluence Page (Current JIRA Tickets + Device Module Draft Content for review)
  • FHIR Device Module 
    • Recap from FHIR CAT discussions (previous weekend)
      • Device Module has been drafted during the CAT
      • Todd reviewed the drafted Device Module :
        • Device Instance vs. Device Type
        • Simple vs. Complex Devices
        • Device settings vs. Observation
      • How does this map to categories of devices
      • Put a link to IGs when we reference PoCD or PHD devices

    • Gateway and Endpoint Use Cases
      • We renamed Link to Gateway but also had Endpoint but we never reconciled that
      • Device pointing to a gateway and the gateway would point to the endpoint
      • Gateway includes a reference to the endpoint
      • It is still not clear what the use case is for endpoint
      • Maybe we should not have an endpoint and model it as a device
      • We should discuss this with OO tomorrow
    • Prep for OO discussion Thursday Q2 
      • No clarity on how we will define the Device Module or how it will fit on the FHIR page
      • Device module cannot be parented to more than one element
      • What level can we want the Device Module at
      • Recommend to be our own module
      • All products (including Devices) should perhaps be at Level 4
Day / Date

Notes ; Recorded Attendance: May 2023 HL7 DEVICE WG Attendance  



MEETING NOTES FROM John J. GarguiloWelcome and Introductions (new attendees)

Welcome & Introductions: 

Garguilo read ANSI Anti-Trust Policy: 

Professional Associations, such as HL7, which bring together competing entities are subject to strict scrutiny under applicable antitrust laws. HL7 recognizes that the antitrust laws were enacted to promote fairness in competition and, as such, supports laws against monopoly and restraints of trade and their enforcement. Each individual participating in HL7 meetings and conferences, regardless of venue, is responsible for knowing the contents of and adhering to the HL7 Antitrust Policy as stated in §05.01 of the Governance and Operations Manual (GOM). 

  Room "TBD"

Thursday Q1, 9 AM - 10:30 AM (Central Time - U.S.)

DEV at O&O (See Orders and Observation Meeting Notes for details)

OO / DEV (at OO)

  • Device-related FHIR Resource JIRA Tickets

Thursday Q2, 11 AM - 12:30 PM (Central Time - U.S.)

OO / DEV / FHIR-I (at OO)

  • FHIR Module Discussion
    • Improving Organization of FHIR Resource pages view - organized differently from  (e.g., relevant to DEV "DeviceMetric")
    • Note: Organization is different depending on which page a user is viewing:  FHIR Resource page (perspective is from Level 1/Basic Framework –> 5/Reason) which is different from front page of Module Content.  (E.g., the bread crumbs are set from the Module Page)
    • Perhaps we need a "Device Module (Page)"?  Need to explain content from DEV perspective so DEV is considered in other WG domains (decisions) that involve devices.
    • Module:Devices Confluence Page (Current JIRA Tickets + Device Module Draft Content for review)

Thursday Q3, 12:45 PM - 3:00 PM (Central Time - U.S.)

HL7 DEV / MHealth (at DEV)

Thursday Q4, 3:30 PM - 5:00 PM (Central Time - U.S.)


Personalized Health Navigation Briefing ( Prof. Ramesh Jain, Todd Cooper )

Information asymmetry - of what patients have from physicians

  • 70% are chronic problems - to late in most cases…
  • Data analytics can solve
  • Can we do as much measurements all through our lives as what is captured in an ICU
    • This is possible today…
  • What is the goal of the person
    • e.g., I want to play tennis in the next three months
    • To do this we need the following components, and collecting the data


How do we get the personal model:

Personal Chronicle : Personicle

User Generated: Patient provided data + generated data
Getting the kind of data needed is the issue:

Personalized Health Navigation Briefing ( Prof. Ramesh Jain, Todd Cooper )

  • HL7 Has many pieces:
    • SOA
    • SDOH
    • Robust home

What's missing HL7?

Not about healthcare… focus on lifestyle and environment (but integrate with health)

Actively working on Architecture + Personal Chronicle

Todd noted work within ISO 23903 Project - Personalized Health Network

HL7 PSS created...

Intent is to have a set of items - some done in ISO, some in HL7….
Joint Project…
• Not the first attempt at ISO to HL7 pathway… but others are "well down the pike"

  • ACTION: (@Todd Cooper) Todd will send out the draft project proposal to DEV folks (at listserv) and is asking for feedback… prior to sending to HL7.

Motion for Todd Cooper to circulate the draft project proposal (and have review / confirmation on weekly Monday meeting May 22nd  - at 10 am).

Motion unanimously passed.

Endpoint for specific things (better idea of what these are - endpoints that devices provide

Meeting Closeout

  • Reviewed Action Items from meetings
  • Plan discussed for September 2023 Meeting in Phoenix, AZ
  • Adjourn DEV meetings (formal end to the regularly scheduled meetings)
DayNotes; Recorded Attendance: May 2023 HL7 DEVICE WG Attendance  




  • Welcome and Introductions (Cooper)

  • Introductions: xx Attendees;  new attendees for Q...

Garguilo read ANSI Anti-Trust Policy: 

Professional Associations, such as HL7, which bring together competing entities are subject to strict scrutiny under applicable antitrust laws. HL7 recognizes that the antitrust laws were enacted to promote fairness in competition and, as such, supports laws against monopoly and restraints of trade and their enforcement. Each individual participating in HL7 meetings and conferences, regardless of venue, is responsible for knowing the contents of and adhering to the HL7 Antitrust Policy as stated in §05.01 of the Governance and Operations Manual (GOM). 


Friday Q1, 9 AM - 10:30 AM (Central Time - U.S.)

HL7 DEV:  Gemini SDPi Operational Security Workshop

  • Workshop to identify and consider a number of SDC/SDPi security issues relating to the global deployment of SDPi-enabled technology across developers, jurisdictions and hospital systems.
  • Contact Todd Cooper  for more information about the workshop + Zoom information for remote security experts who cannot attend the WGM in New Orleans

Friday Q2, 11 AM - 12:30 PM (Central Time - U.S.)

HL7 DEV:  Gemini SDPi Operational Security Workshop

  • Continued from Q1