Attendees: Hans, Craig, Rob, Frank, Ralf, Riki, Michael

Update: Rob started review of chapter 2 – may need to have a lot of rewrites and some text may be able to be dropped

Goal is to go through the chapter restructuring today:

May have 2 views for some chapters – lab everything together vs all orders together – by domain vs workflow

Do we need to create the overarching TOC first?

Might be easier to do, once we know what we end up with – in FIR you can download the webpages and they do create section numbers, which will make referencing for jira easier.

Reviewing each Chapter:

Chapter 1: Has history and changelog – may move everything overarching into this page

Chapter 2: Goal is for next call Rob will have a first draft

Chapter 3: Riki to provide draft

Chapter 4: Have a starting point

Reviewing the different view to get to the same page (or a different page if the view sequence is different) – trying to build the building block that we can then access via different pathways

So first identify what goes into a building block (BB) – then identify how to navigate there

View 1 / View 2 – is that associated with text, understandable to the viewer (do we need to tell them this, or is it just for us to organize) – the views are just to organize the building blocks

How small do we want to be for one building block: example Hans used the message + ACK as a building block – should it be bigger?

Have building blocks on the message level or events on the same building block is the question

Separate from the narrative content there always have been separate pages for the message structure definition

Are views = webpages?

The breadcrumbs is what is the best way to get to the building block

Goal of today is to define what the smallest level of building block we want to create that we can then organize into one or more views

ACK Choreography – define the interactions in a diagram vs how to get to


Michael Faughn (NIST) 9:19 AM

From a tooling standpoint, generating a PDF is an expansion of scope that I have not heard before today.

It isn’t that it isn’t doable but definitely adds complication.

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