Short Description

The track will exercise the newly published International Patient Access (IPA) Implementation Guide, which can serve as the common basis of different national/jurisdictional implementation guides. 

Long Description

The International Patient Access (IPA) Implementation Guide defines a minimal, base set of FHIR profiles specifically intended to be used as-is, or to be built on top of by countries or jurisdictions that are looking to enable patient access and patient-facing apps accessing data via RESTful FHIR. In addition to profiling a minimal set of FHIR resources, this IG also specifies the use of SMART on FHIR for authentication and authorization.  Consider using this implementation guide as a foundational building block for national or regional FHIR base or patient access specifications, or for multi-national applications and FHIR servers.  The specification also defines the required and recommend RESTful interactions include search parameters.

During this Connectathon we will continue to validate the current specification and discussing and exploring future developments.

Specifically, we intend to

  1. Validate both server and client implementations against the published specification.
  2. Continue comparing IPA against known national and regional FHIR base profile specifications.
  3. Strengthen cooperation and bindings between IPA and IPS (International Patient Summary).
  4. Discuss future developments.


Test the IPA implementation guide, educate on the use of the IPA IG

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The published STU of the IG is at

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April 25, 11 am US Eastern Time

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