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Meeting Details

Date: March 10, 2023

Time: 1PM ET

Coordinates:  Join Zoom meeting: | Meeting ID: 510 046 7805 | +1 929-436-2866-US (New York)


Rob Hausam (Hausam Consulting), Marti Velezis (Sonrisa / FDA), Ralf Herzog (Roche), JD Nolen (Mercy Children's Hospital), Jose Teixeira, Andrea Pitkus (UW), Pam Banning (3M), Michael Collier (Agile Six), Joan Kegerzie (ACLA), Sara Armson (ONC), Christopher Harrison (Quest Diagnsostics), Ana Szarfman (FDA), Sheryl Taylor (NIST), Ed Heierman (Abbott), Hans Buitendijk (Oracle), Riki Merrick (Vernetzt, LLC / APHL), Kathy Walsh (Labcorp)

Co-chair: Riki Merrick

Scribe: Marti Velezis, Riki Merrick

  • Quorum (Co-Chair + 4) Met 


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Standing Topics

New Rule on Race/Ethnicity from OMB

Have 75 days from 1/27/2023, so due date is April 12, 2023 

New Rule on Race/Ethnicity from OMB 


  • Federal Register :: Initial Proposals For Updating OMB's Race and Ethnicity Statistical Standards  
  • <from prior call chat> Hans mentioned “trickle down” - the reason we had race and ethnicity terms added in HL7 started with V2 is because CDC requested Patient Administration (Chpt. 3) to add (HL7 V2.4 I think) because CDC had to conform to federal requirements.  The same terms used for Census Bureau data ‘trickled over’ to other federal agencies.  If this new request for comment proceeds to a new proposed then final rule, it would probably “trickle down” eventually impacting CDC, ONC, CDC (thus eventually healthcare standards) etc.  See 1997 link and you will recognize correlation to HL7 V2 of race and ethnicity.  Revisions to the Standards for the Classification of Federal Data on Race and Ethnicity | The White House (

New Rule on Race/Ethnicity from CDC

Have 75 days from 1/27/2023, so due date is April 1, 2023 

PHIN VADS Hot Topics at first mentions commenting and second gives links to documents. 

NEW 4/1/2023

Comments on the CDC Race and Ethnicity Code System (CDCREC) will be accepted until April 1, 2023. Artifacts can be found by viewing the 2022_RaceAndEthnicityFinal_TablesforPub_Final. In addition, the rationale for the prepared code system is located in the Background file. For technical assistance and support concerning the updated CDCREC, please email RECODES@CDC.GOV or PHINVS@CDC.GOV mailboxes.

CDC Race Category and Ethnicity Group

List of concepts present in CDC Race Category value set which is based upon OMB recommendations and list of concepts present in Ethnicity Group value set which is based upon OMB Race & Ethnicity.

FILE: 2022_RaceAndEthnicityFinal_TablesforPub_Final.xlsx - Race and Ethnicity Download File (Full Code System, relationships, and Hierarchy codes)

FILE: 2022 Race and Ethnicity Code System_Background_Final.pdf - Background and Purpose

LINK: Background and Hierarchy

Update from FHIR Lab Workflow call

Need to continue working on the following:

  • FHIR-37975 - Getting issue details... STATUS - Admin reopening  
    • Motion to reopen the ticket due to the assignment of the disposition.
      • Marti Velezis / JD Nolen : 16-0-0
    • Motion to make Not Persuasive - No change to the specification is needed
      • Marti Velezis / JD Nolen : 17-0-0
  • Diagnostic Module - Developmental Roadmap



  • In general Ed is taking Fridays off in April – maybe we can flip with specimen on Mondays 2 PM?
  • Ballot will happen in September 2023 - remove from the May 2023 ballot - Rob to let Lynn know - same applies to UDI Pattern
  • no updated to mapping spreadsheet

  • Next time for LIVD 3/24 call

Changes needed to the IG:

  • Update the mapping pages

  • Updated diagram is in the ppt – slide 11

    • the arrows don’t yet reflect the full picture

    • you can support SCT or LA-answercodes or both

      • you are specifying what the target is

    • Hans still has to update the diagram a bit more to reflect agreed upon changes

    • Goal of this diagram is to show the generic linkage, not at the attribute level

    • We also will update the text underneath this diagram

Dealing with more than 2 code systems:

  • For testCodes we currently only use LOINC

  • For resultcodes we can use either LOINC answer codes, or SCT, but each functions the same way – Abbott examples will be SCT

    • Looking at conceptMap in IG ResultValueConceptMap profile:

      • in .group – can only point to 1 code system, but we have 2 groups

      • goes to the value set that contains values from both code systems

  • We are using the IICC excel representation to help folks understand what is in LIVD

  • And the excel FHIR representation shows how the mapping happens from the IICC excel to the FHIR resources

  • Do we need to open the TestCode link up to more code systems?

    • if yes, we could set it to at least 2, if we need it later

    • So far for testcodes we know of more than just LOINC like JLAC-10, SNOMED CT, C-NPU, and probably even more

    • but that would usually be a choice instead of using both at the same time, unlike in the case of the resultValueSet – for now leave 1..1 here

  • Do we need different resource profiles?
    • if we constrain to the specific code system, then we would need to make different profiles for the result vs the test
    • that is done in the .compose element Robert Hausam create example showing how the binding is done by creating the include statement to point to the LA codes as example

Next Steps:

  • Hans Buitendijk  to update and clarify the diagram and the text and bring back for review
  • Hans Buitendijk  to update the example mapping spreadsheet to add:
    • LOINC value set for TestCode
    • LOINC answer value set for ResultCode
    • SNOMED value set for ResultCode

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Call Adjourned at 2:12 PM ET

Next Meeting: 3/24/2023


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