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Date: March 3, 2023

Time: 1PM ET

Coordinates:  Join Zoom meeting: | Meeting ID: 510 046 7805 | +1 929-436-2866-US (New York)




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  • Updates - PAC Submission 2023-02-24

eSignature Update

2023-02-24 OO - LAB/LIVD

New Rule on Race/Ethnicity from OMB

Have 75 days from 1/27/2023, so due date is April 19, 2023  

New Rule on Race/Ethnicity from OMB 


  • Federal Register :: Initial Proposals For Updating OMB's Race and Ethnicity Statistical Standards  
  • <from prior call chat> Hans mentioned “trickle down” - the reason we had race and ethnicity terms added in HL7 started with V2 is because CDC requested Patient Administration (Chpt. 3) to add (HL7 V2.4 I think) because CDC had to conform to federal requirements.  The same terms used for Census Bureau data ‘trickled over’ to other federal agencies.  If this new request for comment proceeds to a new proposed then final rule, it would probably “trickle down” eventually impacting CDC, ONC, CDC (thus eventually healthcare standards) etc.  See 1997 link and you will recognize correlation to HL7 V2 of race and ethnicity.  Revisions to the Standards for the Classification of Federal Data on Race and Ethnicity | The White House (


  • Updates


2023-02-03 OO - LAB/LIVD

2023-02-24 OO - LAB/LIVD

  • Proposal being prepped by: Nancy Spector, Ana Szarfarm, Kathy Walsh, Andrea Pitkus, Hans Buitendijk, Dan Rutz
  • OO Lab and CPT PLA
    • PLA = Proprietary Laboratory Analyses
    • It is not messaged between healthcare organization
    • Nancy will ask AMA to review this content
    • Discuss should this be on this webpage?
      • Any data that is associated with a patient outside of internal analytics in a specific system that will be exchanged
      • Laboratories that have inventory / catalog and submit this to CMS, so this has applicability to interoperability – so yes, we agree it should be in the ISA
      • May need to evaluate if this is in the right use case
        • One health system uses the PLA codes internally for ordering of lab
        • We may need to make clear that LOINC is the primary code and that PLA codes can be used similar to local codes – this could be done in the LOI guide?
          • No, we don’t want to have everyone’s option explained in the LOI – this would be explaining how NOT to use PLA codes …

Update from FHIR Lab Workflow call

From Chat


  • Will pick LIVD back up 3/10
  • In general Ed is taking Fridays off in April – split time with Specimen on week's Ed has LIVD topics in April

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Next Meeting:  March 10, 2023