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Mohammad Jafari (co-chair)VA

Brian Handspicker (co-chair)

Chirag Bhatt
Greg Bloom
Rob McClure
Himali Saitwal
Michelle Zancan (co-chair)

Teresa Gerard
Serafina Versaggi
Saul Kravitz

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Discussion on terminology-related tickets lead by Serafina Versaggi 

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  • Rob McClure: you can make a new valueset and bind to that since this IG is addressing a different use case. We should be able to use a preferred binding.
  • Greg: the use of the vocabulary in social services is very divergent – even those who implement 211. Our challenge here is that there are not widely used standardized methods for the vocabulary. It will be great to separate the harmonization and semantic interoperability from this IG because hard requirements here would be a barrier to interoperability.
  • Saul: I would recommend that you not confuse the reader by inheriting from PLAN-NET and override the vocabularies. It will be much easier to understand if you just start from scratch.
  • Teresa: The dominance of 211 is debatable and open eligibility is more likely to be widely used.
  • Brian mentioned that there's quite a bit of diversity in the use of taxonomy and trying to standardize to quickly on one or even two taxonomies will be an impediment to adoption.
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Next Project Call will be on Mar. 6th, 2023.

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