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2022-12-19 Security WG Agenda/Minutes

202301 Security WGM Minutes

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  • FHIR Ticket on audit.event item

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2022-12-19 Security WG Agenda/Minutes

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202301 Security WGM Minutes

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Discuss progress on publication request and THO ticket UP-370 add a new code (HAS-INLINE-SEC-LABELS) to v3-ActCode to the value set ObligationPolicy


Add a new code HAS-INLINE-SEC-LABELS to v3-ActCode to the value set ObligationPolicy to indicate that a resource includes in-line security labels that apply to parts of the resource.
This is a follow up from this FHIR ticket:
FHIR-33917 - extension-has-inline-sec-label should be a code not extension Resolved - change required


UP-370 approved and now in the build. Change pushed to rely on the code but error in build because codes are not in build. Can add CI as a dependency.  Migrated to Sushi to enable build with CI dependency. John will help with this.  CI release end of month?


  1. FHIR Specification Feedback
  2. FHIR-40293

AuditEvent agent relationship to other agent elements

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  • AuditEvent


When an AuditEvent is attributed to many .agent values, and there is an obvious relationship (one Practitoner, one Organization) the relationship is implied to be clear. But when there are many this is not as clear. Use-case is where an AuditEvent is by two Practitoners each working on behalf of different Organizations. 

Possible Solutions:
1. Provenance has an agent.onbehalf to address this. Moving to this would make the models similar.

2. Could just indicate that PractionerRole should be used (which might be a contained instance when that is appropriate)

3. Could add an agent.agent so that one agent can be related to another agent. (Like AuditEvent has for entity->agent.

4. This could be considered not core, and an extension used. This extension could be created in FHIR core so that it is available consistently.

Need discussion


Deferred - discussed but not concluded.
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