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Chris Shawn (Co-Chair)

Michelle Zancan (Co-Chair)Zane Networks
Courtney Baldridge (Co-Chair)
Mohammad Jafari (Co-Chair)VA

Brian Handspicker (Co-Chair)

Ken SalyardsHHS/ACF
Joanna ThurstonHHS/ACF
Jessica BanksGoldbelt
Jasmine StewartGoldbelt
Sal RanaGoldbelt
Greg Bloom
Sean Muir
Himali Saitwal
Scott Selby
Serafina VersaggiFEI

Kristine McCoy

Samia Warsame
Ken Lord

Llew Brown


Rita Torkzadeh


Eric Jahn

Amol Vyas
John Moehrke
Teresa Gerard
Chirag Bhatt

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Projects and Relevant Topics

PSS-2153 - Getting issue details... STATUS Ken Lord 

  • Mohammad suggested that we look at the comments on the PSS to clarify the scope and also anticipated technical work.
  • Ken: changing the title of the project to something more specific about the intention of the project was an idea by Brian that the project team accepted. Will revise the title.
  • Ken: Michelle's comment on legal and regulatory implications of using the term 'patient'
  • Greg commented on the importance of 'relationships' and the concepts of household and community.
  • Teresa: n the field, social and legal relationships include family, household, chosen family, related persons (mother/newborn), caregivers, guardian, and custodian. Person roles: patient, client, subscriber, beneficiary, member, resident, consumer, participant, employee, enrollee, recipient, grantee, et al.
  • Ken: a recommendation for creating a domain-analysis model as part of the scope of the IG.
  • Rita asked about an analysis of the biggest supporters and dissenters in presenting the project.
  • Ken: most subject matter experts support the project.
  • Ken Salyard: the FHIR model seems to be centered around Patient.
  • Mohammad: the view of the technical people is that the Patient is just a label and the scope encompasses the other roles a person can take. We need to propose specific example of the kind of technical artifacts that the project wants to propose and the specific problems they are intended to solve.
  • Brian recommends getting into a list of technical requirements based off a use cases analysis.
  • Courtney: the current model is not aligned with social services use cases and analyzing these use cases will shine a light on how the current model is falling short.
  • Chris: Need to addressing Lloyd's comment.
  • Chris: We need to seek advice on the process whether we can modify the proposal while it's being reviewed.
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