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HL7 Antitrust Policy

Professional Associations, such as HL7, which bring together competing entities are subject to strict scrutiny under applicable antitrust laws. HL7 recognizes that the antitrust laws were enacted to promote fairness in competition and, as such, supports laws against monopoly and restraints of trade and their enforcement. Each individual participating in HL7 meetings and conferences, regardless of venue, is responsible for knowing the contents of and adhering to the HL7 Antitrust Policy as stated in §05.01 of the Governance and Operations Manual (GOM).


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Danielle BancroftBest Practice Software
Melva Peters (Chair)Jenaker Consultingx
Jean DuteauDuteau Designx
John HatemIndependent Consultantx
Scott Robertson Kaiser Permanentex
Christof GessnerHL7 Germany
Corey SpearsMITRE
Dave HillMITRE
Frank McKinneyPOCPx
Isaac VetterEpic
Smile Digital Health
Lawrence LoColumbia University HIT Student
Margaret WeikerNCPDPx
Matt SzczepankiewiczEpic
Peter SergentHL7 New Zealandx
Reed D. GelzerTrustworthy EHR
Shelly SpiroPharmacy HIT Collaborative
Stephen ChuADHAx
Tim McNeilSurescriptsx
Kim RobertsPharmacy HIT Collaborative
Phung Matthews3M
Jack BrashierEpic
Emmanuel Obasuyi

Joel MontavonPQA
Robb YoungPharmID
Christopher Isong

Gary SchoettmerNetRx
Courtney BlandCVS / Aetna
Mark NeumuthAetna
Ed MillikanFDA
Sanket RavalCVS / Aetna
James Tcheng

Peter Muir

Joe KellySurescripts
Peter Jordan

Jose Costa Teixeira
Jeff ShickUSP
Kent BulzaArterax

Agenda Items and Notes

Outstanding Action Item List

WGM Planning

Fixed up the quarters.  Jean will communicate with Mary Ann on the quarters we will not be meeting.

Meeting Notes from previous meeting

Project Proposals

Project Proposals in Review 

  • None to review

Project Scope Statements

Project Scope Statements

External Meeting Review

Catalog Updates (John Hatem)

  •  no meeting last week

Workflow Update (John Hatem)

  • - no pharmacy impact due to latest meeting

Healthcare Product Update (John Hatem)

  • - discussed BiologicallyDerivedProduct dispensing - John asserted they should create their own dispense/supply resources and not reuse Pharmacy resources. Nutrition trackers were also discussed and the distinction between Vitamin products being ordered was noted my me to be different than being able to document what vitamin substance was in a food product.  

EHR conformant reconciled medication list (cRML) (Scott Robertson / John Hatem / Jimmy Tcheng)

  • - John H met with Jimmy T to discuss project proposal process.  
    • There looks like there will be two Projects - one to create a Functional EHR specification for the Medication Reconciliation list and a second one may involve a FHIR IG to specify the resources and elements required to support an EHR Medication Reconciliation List.
    • The work is focused on the outpatient setting where patients and clinicians are using the MRL
  •  - There was a meeting on January 4, 2023.  They meet 1st Wednesday of each month at 5pm Eastern.

Potential Drug-Drug Interaction (PDDI) CDS IG

  •  - No one from Pharmacy attended.  Melva to check email and followup if meetings are still planned
  •   - they balloted and are moving forward

NCPDP Updates (NCPDP Members)


Pharmacist Consult Note (Scott)

  • - Scott has final version and version with revision markers
    • believe all reconciled comments have been voted on 
    • followup with Scott
  •  - Reconciliation spreadsheet has been posted.  Next step is the publication request.
  •  - Publication Request will be soon

Pharmacy Templates

  • - Need to sync up with Giorgio at WGM if he is attending.  John did have an email exchange with Giorgio prior to the holidays.  No scheduled follow up activities at this time. 

Specialty Medication Enrolment IG

  • - Jean Duteau will be scheduling calls:
  • - had public reconciliation call - made it through 14 of 16 comments
    • 2 remaining still under review - expect to be completed this week
    • reached out to Ioana on one final one
    • aim to resolve last couple on Thursday - block vote to be presented next week
    • will likely cancel Dec 22nd meeting - not in calendar
  •   - block vote after the WGM

Trackers - Pharmacy Tracker Dashboard (see trackers for details / resolutions)

  • FHIR-39319 - Getting issue details... STATUS  
    • discussion tended to not agree with Rik, but the description for Dosage.text needs to be clarified.  Persuasive with Modification.  
    • considerable discussion on what the appropriate description is, what is the intent of Dosage.text
    • an interim definition included in comment, although we are not in full agreement 
    • - John and Melva to work on wording and present at upcoming meeting
  • Conditional dose extension - needs to be more prominent - add a tracker (Melva) - added 

Any Other Business

Next meeting: