Chair:  @Chris Johnson   

Co-chairs: Durwin Day Peter Gunter Christol Green 

Scribe: Robin Isgett 

Antitrust Statement

Professional Associations, such as HL7, which bring together competing entities are subject to strict 
scrutiny under applicable antitrust laws. HL7 recognizes that the antitrust laws were enacted to promote 
fairness in competition and, as such, supports laws against monopoly and restraints of trade and their 
enforcement. Each individual participating in HL7 meetings and conferences, regardless of venue, is 
responsible for knowing the contents of and adhering to the HL7 Antitrust Policy as stated in §05.01 of 
the Governance and Operations Manual (GOM).

NOTE: This attendance applies if you are present at the related meeting/call, regardless if you have signed a different attendance for your WG. 


Minutes Approved as Presented 

This is to approve minutes via general consent. "You have received the minutes. Are there any corrections to the minutes? (pause) Hearing none, if there are no objections, the minutes are approved as printed."

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HL7 ANSI Anti-Trust Policy 

Da Vinci work is carried under the umbrella of HL7 and adheres to the ANSI Anti-Trust policy.  We should avoid sharing any information on this call that could be interpreted as anti-competitive.  If there are topics that you don’t normally speak about in other public settings, such as conferences or trade shows, then it’s probably best to save those topics for another time as this is a public call.

Chris read Antitrust statement.


 Minutes Approval  - Nov 29, 2022

Minutes approved by consensus.

New Proposals and PSS for review - PIE comments or interest

No new proposals.

PSS - 2138  Retrieval of Immunization Data via Bulk FHIR

The group agreed that this may be related to Public Health in regard to Interoperability Rule 0057 for Prior Auth.  The PIE WG commented that we would like this presented at one of our meetings to answer several questions.


Fonteva Transition (New HL7 Portal): 

January Connectathon is to be held January 14-15, 2023 and HL7 WGM January 16-20, 2023 (In Person) in Henderson, NV (suburb of Las Vegas).

VBPR Performance Reporting will host an Information Session. Information on the Connectathon can be found here:  2023 - 01 Connectathon 32 

January Ballot Cycle 

  • Take part in the formation of consensus groups for the HL7 January Ballot Cycle! 
  • Da Vinci Member Attribution List Implementation Guide is included
  • To participate in voting, you must join the consensus group by December 8, 2022
  • Commenting and voting will take place December 9, 2022 – January 9, 2023

Need help navigating? Review the HL7 Balloting Resources for Da Vinci Newcomers

The meetings on December 27th, Enjoy the holidays!

Reviewed announcements.
IG Proposal Update (Yan Heras)
  1. The FHIR IG proposal was approved by FMG on Nov. 9th.
  2. The project team will host an educational track at the Jan2023 Connectathon:
    1. Track page:
    2. The pre-connectathon kick-off call will be held during the regular Monday meeting time on Dec. 12th at 2pm – 3pm ET.
  3. We have been continuing working on data requirements gathering. The team has made great progress on discussing and sorting out data elements to be included in the reports.
There will be a PSS walk-thru at the Connectathon.  Will go over the track on the Monday call.

NCVHS Request for Comment (RFC) in advance of the body’s scheduled January 18-19, 2023 full meeting. 

Click here for the template - Call for Comments - NCVHS X12 and CAQH CORE Proposals

Last week we covered the first 5 - X12 Claims/Remit questions and drafted responses.  We will roll to next weeks meeting and begin a #6.

This document can be located in PIE Documentation/Presentations:

See comments in attached document link.  The comments are due to NCVHS this week.PIE WG NCVHS RFC - Comments -X12 and CAQH CORE 12 07 2022.docx

2023 Calendar of events

NCVHS Sub-Committee meeting, Jan 18-19th , 2023 Washington DC

HL7 FHIR Connectathon, Jan. 14-15, 2023, Hilton Hotel Lake, Las Vegas Resort and Spa, Henderson, Nevada

HL7 Working Group Meeting, Jan. 16-20, 2023,  Hilton Hotel Lake, Las Vegas Resort and Spa, Henderson, Nevada

 X12 January 22 – Feb 1st – Westminster CO – no cost

VIVE - March 26 - 29, 2023, Nashville,

HIMSS23, April 17-21, 2023, Chicago,

NCPDP 2023 Annual Technology & Business Conference, May 8 - 10, 2023, Scottsdale, Arizona,

Reviewed reminders.
Open Floor
Durwin spoke with Chuck and stated that there will be a hearing on Thursday during WG meeting in January.  May give testimony from payer perspective.
 Adjourned at 3:40 PM EST

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