Date: 11/29/2022  

Facilitator:  Issac Vetter

Note Taker: Issac Vetter/Riki Merrick



Anthony JulianMayo Clinic
XUnited Healthcare
XVernetzt, LLC
X Altarum     

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ANSI Anti-Trust Policy:

Professional Associations, such as HL7, which bring together competing entities are subject to strict scrutiny under applicable antitrust laws. HL7 recognizes that the antitrust laws were enacted to promote fairness in competition and, as such, supports laws against monopoly and restraints of trade and their enforcement. Each individual participating in HL7 meetings and conferences, regardless of venue, is responsible for knowing the contents of and adhering to the HL7 Antitrust Policy as stated in §05.01 of the Governance and Operations Manual (GOM).

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>If your project intends or ends up using a messaging communication paradigm in FHIR, please engage the Infrastructure & Messaging workgroup (InM) for formal sponsorship; otherwise, InM does not need to be involved. 

Gender Harmony jiras have been migrated to V2 management, so 2.9.1

  • Riki added a ghp tag to gender harmony jiras, so we can exclude those

We looked at the ones without the GHP tag

  • V2-25485
    • Motion to apply proposed disposition – Riki, Craig, no further discussion, against:0, abstain:0, in favor: 3
    • Same resolution as V2-25486 = defer
    • V2-25486
    • V2-25481
    • V2-25482
    • V2-25480
    • V2-25479
    • V2-25447
  • V2-25478
    • is GHP, but had "Ready to Vote" tag
    • Assign to PA
  • V25473
    • is GHP, but had "Ready to Vote" tagAssign to OO
  • V2-25466
    • Defer till later, but agree with suggestion
  • V2-25447
    • This needs to get reviewed in the Gender Harmony WG – so assign to V2 Management for now
  • V2-25383
    • Relax length to 1..2 – add comment to ask Frank to review

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 Adjourned at 11:55 AM ET

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