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2022-10-20 National Directory Exchange & Query Meeting

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Project Page: National Healthcare Directory

Project Scope Statement: National Healthcare Directory PSS

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Connectathon: 2022 - 09 FAST National Directory US Realm & Da Vinci Payer Data Exchange Plan-Net

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AgendaBallot reconciliation

Pick back up on these tickets from last week

FHIR-38163 - Getting issue details... STATUS

  • BD - endpoint use case was in the previous ticket (FHIR-38164)
    • This ticket is pointing to same place - endpoint use case
  • MCD - is that where payer endpoints would go?
    • BD - questions are about extension to that resource, not the resource itself, but yes, that's where payer endpoints go
  • MCD - provider endpoint types and payer endpoint types?
    • BD - no, we don't separate them out that way
    • MCD - if payer puts in 3-4 endpoints, it will be obvious which is for Price Cost Transparency and which is for Prior Auth?
    • BD - endpoint use case
  • SI - what is payload type?
    • BD - endpoint resource is reasonably genric, e.g., could have endpoints based on Direct and the payload type would tell you what type of payloads that endpoint supports
  • JL - is directory only for FHIR endpoints?
    • BD - no, that's not the intent
    • MB - e.g., TEFCA is mostly IHE profiles at moment with FHIR roadmap
    • BD - intent to support what TEFCA does but not be limited by it
  • BD - Payload Endpoint Type value set error - Robert Dieterle need to submit a JIRA ticket
  • GH - could not find any value set that has PCT, etc. listed
    • BD - those are IGs
    • GH - orgs tend to segment endpoint by use case
    • BD - we already have support for IGs - PCT is an IG
    • GH - there are multiple IGs for each use case - sometimes you want to get to the higher use case
    • BD - you can have multiple IGs
    • GH - users of CAQH endpoint directory are often looking for use case level
    • BD - that is supported here already
    • MB - dealing with this issue in Direct Trust - because Direct messages are used for many things, this might just be for lab orders, or appointment scheduling or all referrals - that's the kind of granularity where there might not be IG associated with the concept of lab orders for example
    • BD - extensible value set
    • MB - we should talk to Lisa Nelson - Direct Trust defined sample value set for this (not an HL7 value set) - Matthew Bishop will email Lisa R. Nelson and copy Robert Dieterle and Gail Hamilton 
    • BD - need an HL7 value set; proprietary value sets can help guide us, but need it to be part of HL7
    • BD - reviewed extensions in the IG on top of payload type
    • MB - intention for DIrect Trust was that once moved to FHIR directory fully, it would go in the endpoint-use case element
    • BD - reviewed endpoint-use case value set
    • From josephlamy to Everyone 11:27 AM - What we are calling “usecases" should be called “supported purposes of use"
    • MB - need a separate data element? use case seems to describe granularity that GH and MB are speaking to; purpose of use value set
    • BD - created extended set for purpose of use value set in CDex which looks like value set for use case except it's extended - it's not lab order - purpose of use is higher level; so is use case higher level
    • From Matt Bishop (Open City Labs) to Everyone 11:29 AM -
    • MB - why use case here vs. purpose of use somewhere else?
    • Matthew Bishop and Gail Hamilton will share value sets they're using to define functional endpoint capabilities so that we can determine what could be pulled into an HL7 value set
  • AK - why does use case extension have an extension inside it for standard and there's also an extension for listing IGs supported? Seems redundant?
    • BD - agree, we need to reconcile these 2 extensions
  • Proposed disposition: Persuasive with Mod
    • Review and reconcile use case extension and the ig-supported extension to accommodate:
      • Purpose of use (see CDex value set)
      • Specific IGs supported
      • Functional endpoint capability (see Direct Trust and CAQH endpoint value sets)
    • Create new JIRA ticket to address the above proposal (likely non-compatible)
  • Ready for vote

FHIR-38164 - Getting issue details... STATUS

  • Linked this ticket to FHIR-38163 - resolution will be addressed above
  • Ready for vote

FHIR-38357 - Getting issue details... STATUS

  • Must Support flags in practitionerRole profile
  • BD - suggesting we should require the distributed directories to have to support this?  Must Support = have to capture it, have to populate it
  • AK - in general, yes; these looked like oversights in the process - very specific sub-elements of identifiers
    • Query IG does not have the Must Support flags compared to the Exchange IG
    • Lack of consistency across profiles
  • BD - intent was that profiles are different because of the use
    • National directory has the most constraints because expected to have that information and ability to consume it and populate it within an exchange
    • Were trying to minimize requirements placed on distributed environments
    • If have a practitionerRole at all, then you have to support the identifier of all these elements?
  • AK - those three things are equally important to distributed directory as they are to national directory
  • RU - agree
  • BD - not automating based on the identifier for practitionerRole? what is expected to be in identifier for practitionerRole that you'd use to automate anything?
  • RU -  differentiating practitioner vs. practitionerRole?
  • BD- yes, identifier would be in Practitioner
  • AK - what's the value to the national directory?
  • BD - to differentiate other than .id, that specific instance of practitionerRole
  • AK - that's not true in distributed directory?
  • BD - we don't know what they'll have and what they'd use practitionerRole for other than connecting an individual to an organization (e.g., HIE - associate a practitioner with an org)
  • AK - have to support identifier, but not any of the elements of the identifier?
  • BD - reviewed US Core - doesn't require support for identifier at all
  • AK - would be ok with that for Exchange and Query IGs
  • BD - we would remove from Query, but not Exchange - expectation that national directory will have identifier for that particular role because it will support many different roles
  • MB - why would we want to remove it from Query IG? understand not overdoing requirements, but trying to be certain that we're talking about same practitionerRole, wouldn't you want identifier?
  • RU - you have identifier at practitioner level; then you have resource identifiers; don't need identifier in practitionerRole
  • BD - Query only applies to queries to distributed environment
  • MB - example - trying to identify Dr. Johnson at Hackensack Health System - query practitionerRole at that point - wouldn't we want identifier at that point?
  • BD - you query practitionerRole where practitioner is Dr. Johnson and organization is a reference to an organization (whichever one you want) - you wouldn't query on identifier because it doesn't mean anything to the requestor
  • MB - is a nurse practitioner in Iowa the same thing as a nurse practitioner in Michigan
  • BD - that comes down to value sets; role and specialty would have to be based on national standard; identifier is within context of particular implementation; not sure what you'd do with the national identifier
  • AK - identifier is not listed as search parameter in the Exchange IG
  • BD - it's supposed to be; may need to fix 
  • From josephlamy to Everyone 11:58 AM - I think a big use case for business identifier on any resource (in directories) is when the same resource will be mirrored across multiple systems, e.g. mirrored directories, partially overlapping directories, etc.
  • From Matt Bishop (Open City Labs) to Everyone 11:59 AM - +1 Josephlamy's comment
    • BD - not stopping you from doing that, just saying it's not required for you to do it
    • JL - in favor of Must Support
  • AK- general recommended approach is that it should be equivalent between the IGs
  • BD - will review the original spreadsheet to use as basis for making sure the IG includes what it's supposed to include and the rationale; will bring it back to the call next week
  • Pick up this discussion next week

ManagementNext Agenda

Monday, October 31st - review Celine Lefebvre comments

Thursday, November 3rd - review Evernorth comments; pick up where we left off on the discussion 10/27 and review original spreadsheet to compare to what's in the IGs

Adjourned at 12:03pm ET

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