Time: 3pm Eastern US

ZOOM - https://hl7-org.zoom.us/j/99189148876?pwd=ZnVmQzRlMktzdXBVU3lKeTRkaDc3UT09 (including audio through zoom)

Chair: Cooper Thompson 

Scribe: Cooper Thompson 


Reinhard Egelkraut  

Brian Postlethwaite 

Robert Dieterle 

David DeRoode 

Olivia Bellamou-Huet 


Block Vote #1for Digital Identity and Patient Matching IG

National Directory Robert Dieterle 


Block Vote #1for Digital Identity and Patient Matching IG

Motion: Approve Digital Identity and Patient Matching IG / Block Vote 1

Mover: David deRoode / Brian Postlethwaite

Vote: 5-0-0

Block Vote 2 will be sent out to the list server probably later today.

National Directory

Robert Dieterle  presented <slides> on a plan to restructure the National Directory IGs, expanding the three IGs with linear dependencies, into four IGs, with one foundational IG that the other three depend on.

  • Rob suggested that having separate IGs was necessary so that CMS could name a specific IG.
  • Cooper noted that most existing FHIR references in regulation are to subsets of IGs, so regulatory references don't need to be to an entire IG.

  • Rob suggested that separate IGs enable those that are not regulatory to evolve independently.
  • Cooper/Brian/Josh pointed out that different parts of IGs can (and do) evolve independently.  That is how the base spec and most IGs work.

  • Cooper/Brian/Josh pointed out that having multiple IGs is confusing for folks trying to understand the IGs.
  • Bob suggested that we could add guidance (duplicated across all the IG) that better explained how the IGs work together.

Josh had submitted FHIR-38681 - Getting issue details... STATUS about merging into one IG.

Part of this chat.fhir.org thread also included discussion about IG consolidation/splitting.


There was significant disagreement on whether to consolidate into one IG or split into 3/4.  Further discussion is needed.

Next steps:

The interested parties (Josh Mandel , Brian Postlethwaite , Cooper Thompson ) plan to attend the FAST National Directory IG call on Monday, October 17 at 3pm ET.  The meeting info will be available on the pafm listserv.

Cooper Thompson 10/14/2022 9:10 AM Update:  after some more discussion, we are going to defer the open discussion on this topic for a few weeks, so this will NOT be a topic for the Oct 17 meeting.  We plan to have this discussion in a few weeks.  Stay tuned.

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