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NamePharmacogene Variation Consortium
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Code System NamesFormal name of the code systemPharmacogene Variation
Short name of the code systemPharmVar
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Notes"The major focus of the Pharmacogene Consortium (PharmVar) is to serve as a repository for allelic variation, providing an official and unified allele designation system for the Pharmacogenetics (PGx) community and facilitating the translation of genotype into phenotype and clinical implementation of PGx. While the majority of pharmacogenes in PharmVar utilize the star nomenclature to describe variation, the provision of single nucleotide variants (SNVs), rather than haplotype, is preferred for some genes.

Thus, PharmVar has two different page formats, A) using star nomenclature and B) using rs ID# as allele (referred to as ‘rs-format’).

PharmVar designates human pharmacogene variation and houses allelic variants in the PharmVar database.

  • All submissions to PharmVar must use the submission form available on and be submitted to Only complete submission requests will be accepted and processed.

  • PharmVar Gene Expert Panels will review each submission and make a recommendation to the PharmVar Steering Committee.

  • In this ‘Allele Designation Criteria and Evidence level’ document, we collectively refer to deviations from the RefSeq as “sequence variations” or “SNVs”, including single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) and small nucleotide insertions and deletions (indels) up to 50 bp. Copy number variants (i.e. entire or partial gene deletions and duplications), hybrid genes (e.g. CYP2D6/2D7 hybrids) and duplications containing non-identical gene copies (e.g. CYP2D6*36+*10) are referred to as CNVs or structural variants.

  • PharmVar applies the following criteria for allele designation. In rare cases, exceptions may be made to accommodate established star allele definitions to minimize impact on research, clinical labs and/or PGx implementation."

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PharmVar is released monthly (or more frequently) and uses a numbered database version format for each release.
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  1. Kevin Power this page is ready for your review. Please review all fields for completeness (particularly the copyright information). Thank you!

    1. Jessica Bota 

      Looks pretty good to us. We are working on getting something for copyright considerations.

      One suggestion - perhaps a quick note about versioning?

      The variants defined in association with a given PharmVar ID are immutable. When it is necessary to update the variant definitions for an associated concept, the existing allele and PharmVar ID are marked as "retired" and a new PharmVar ID is issued with the updated variant definitions.