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Christol read the Antitrust Statement.

 Minutes Approval 7/05/2022

Minutes approved by consensus.


New Proposals and PSS for review - PIE comments or interest

No new proposals or PSSs.
Mark R CARIN Digital ID Card -evote for final publishing of this IGMark stated that the evote was submitted last week and passed.  He shared his screen to review the FHIR IG Publication Checklist that was submitted 07/11/22.


7/12 Core team call to review updated IG and Flows for Sept 22 ballot

7/13 CDex CMS Connectathon call with Health LX RI and testing review

Eric was not on the call to provide comments.


US Realm 7/12

Discussion topics:

  • SVAP Published
  • Open Discussion
  • Upcoming Board + TSC Meeting 
    • Key topics is review/refinement of HL7's 3-year plan which is coming from re-invisioning process (5 main principles!)
    • Draft is organized under 10 over arching items linked directly to principles – will be available to broader audience after the board retreat next week in Lincoln NE
Christol provided summary of US Realm meeting.

Gravity SDOH -  STU2 ballot. Race and Ethnicity issue with US CORE (NCQA measures 5 going to 10, but US CORE not compatible)

The challenge is that US Core does not break down Patient Characteristics as to where the codes come form, but provenance of data is required.  Race is part of the Census Bureau and some of the codes need to be fixed.  The CDC only reviews yearly data and we need help getting them to make changes.  Stanley stated that Steve Posniak (ONC) is the US Realm co-chair and may be able to help with the CDC.

Dental - Russ & GregSept 17-18 Connectathon 31 track.  Russ stated that Dental will not have a track next week at the CMS connectathon, but should have one at the connectathon in Sept at the WG meeting.  There will be weekly meetings on Mondays to frame up a profile based on CCDA on FHIR.  Implementers prefer FHIR.  Vendors may not be ready for the connectathon.  Provider groups are interested in vendors providing this.  Greg stated that provider documents may be available for payers and patients in the future.


  1. CMS Connectathon 3 July 19-21
  2. Voting underway for HL7 Board, Technical Steering Committee, International Council Co-Chair and Work Group Co-Chair Election July 1-31
  3. 2022 September Ballot Announcement of Formation of Regular Cycle Consensus Groups

    1. Consensus Group Sign-Up Open Date: Monday, July 11, 2022

      Consensus Group Sign-Up Close Date: Thursday, August 11, 2022

      Important Note: Consensus group signup closes when ballot voting begins.

      Ballot Open Date: Friday, August 12, 2022

      Ballot Close Date: Monday, September 12, 2022

       Exceptions for a specific ballot are listed with that ballot description.

Reviewed reminders.
Open Floor

Next week 7/19 call will be cancelled due to CMS Connectathon 3

Mike D - Reminded everyone that there are a lot of FHIR IGs on the ballot and that the ANSI changes may have caused issues for some members when signing up.  Mark S - asked about National Directory.  Christol found that it is part of FAST accelerator.

Alix stated that John Bock with X12 had died.

 Adjourned at 3:10 PM EST

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