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Notes"The GL String Code (GLSC) code system described here combines Genotype List String (GL String) grammar with established HLA and KIR nomenclatures, thereby specifying a syntax for encoding of nomenclature-level genotyping results.

The established HLA and KIR nomenclatures are primarily concerned with identification and characterization of individual alleles, and do not incorporate a grammar for genotyping results.

GL String grammar1 is a string format for genotyping results from genetic systems with defined nomenclatures, such as HLA and KIR. In addition to genotyping results, the grammar can also describe data analysis artifacts such as multi-locus (multi-gene) haplotypes.

From a terminology standpoint, the result of adding a compositional grammar to an established code system such as HLA or KIR nomenclature is a new code system, because the grammar may be used to construct expressions not explicitly defined in the original system as concept codes.

In addition to its usage with HLA and KIR nomenclatures, future versions of the GLSC code system could potentially extend it for use with additional genetic nomenclature systems."

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