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AntitrustChristol discussed
Management Minutes Approval 6/21/2022Durwin needs to update minutes for the 6/21 WG call

New Proposals and PSS for review - PIE comments or interest

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Eric Haas

  1. CDex NIB for Sept ballot.   Review:  We have prepared the NIB and reviewed with Patient Care.  You should be able to go to the ballot management site for NIB (here is the perma link:, select Patient Care as committee. On the row for CDex shows “Edit Exiting NIB” instead of “Create NIB”. So can just click on Edit Existing NIB to review the filled out form.  Patient Care will submit it after your review.

2. CDex CMS Connectathon July 19-21  -

3. Separate CDex call to reconcile ballot and to document the Request Attachments Payer to Provider for Sept Ballot.   Anyone interested in attending from PIE  on draft content?  Adam C add to invite

Eric H shared new Sept CDex NIB with team.  He will send us a copy so we can add to our document archive.  Here is the link to the Sept Nib:

Christol reminded all of the CMS connectathon.

Add Adam Culbertson to Tuesday call.

Mark RobertsCARIN Digital ID Card - eVote with TSC approved but needs a revote as we need to check the  request to removed negatives.  That now has been, the vote can occur.   updated PIE WG and should have all votes completed by are call next Tuesday and IG will be published
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 Adjourned at 1:02 ET

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