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Scribe: Durwin Day  

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Durwin Day 

Jean Narcisi 

Stanley Nachimson 

Cille KisselWatkins 

Gregory Zeller 

Rachel E. Foerster 

Susan Langford 

Joe Quinn

Hang Liang

Frank Hone 


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Management Minutes Approval 6/14/22



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Elections | Opening on July 1
Elections to fill positions on the board of directors and technical steering committee, as well as elect affiliate council and work group co-chairs, will open on July 1, 2022. Watch your inbox for announcements!

Alberto's position is open for temp.
Mark RCARIN Digital ID Card updates

Mark and Cille presented Request for Publication-

line#31 - add Github URL

Line #33 Approve Publication Req. -

Rachel  motioned for approval,

Mark seconded.

Vote 16 approve, 0 object, 0 abstain

Motion passed.

PDex Mark S

Asked us to review these Jira Tickets:

Here are the PDex Early May 2022 Ballot Comments and associated Pages of the IG I was referring to:

Da Vinci PDex is requesting assitance in reviewing some of the mapping tables included in PDex STU2 Ballot version:

- MedicationDispense from EOB

                - Jira:

                - IG Page:

- LabResults from 837

                - Jira:

                - IG Page:

- Encounter from EOB

                - Jira:

                - IG Page:

Here are the outstanding Ballot Reconciliation Items for PDex:

- PDex Unresolved:

Mark reviewed FHIR 36599 mapping Diag. Rpt Status - Recommend 'Unknown' as default.

Mark reviewed FHIR 36601 Medication Dispense Status - will seek recommendation from Margaret Wieker, NCPDP.



CDex call tomorrow to cover RI for CMS July Connectathon

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 Adjourned at 2:30 Central

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