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Scribe: Robin Isgett  


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ManagementMinutes Approval - 2021-08-03PIE WG Meeting Agenda/Minutes -   approve by consApproved by consensus

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No new project proposals or PSSs of interest.

Did not comment on the following since we are not co-sponsors:  

  • Consolidated CDA STU updates
  • C-CDA Companon Guide Updates

Dental Update Russell Ott

Publication vote to be requested on 8/17:

FHIR IG - FHIR R4 IG: Dental Data Exchange Publication Request

CDA IG - CDA R2 IG: Dental Data Exchange Publication Request

Reviewed both requests.  CDA Web publication not ready yet.  PDF for volumes 1 & 2 only,  Readme.txt in GitHub contains samples and schematrons.  Jean motions to vote on both publication requests and  Greg seconded the motion.  Adam abstained from the vote.

VOTE:  9-0-1

See links.

Durwin/Mary Lynn

Attachment Ballot Reconciliation Update:

Completed the review of the Attachment IG that Laurie had updated as we reviewed the comments. Just a couple of things:

  1. Per comments #24, 25 and 47, Appendix F and G should be removed. The comments in the guide did note that however they weren’t deleted. Please see the attached word document where the mark up will show that they are now deleted
  2. Per comment #30, Laurie was working on fixing Table 1, looks like it didn’t convert right, it looks ok to me but thought you guys should also check it out - Christol check this off-line
  3. I did a general check to verify we caught all the AWG and changed to PIE, there was 1 that we missed so I did make that change in the attached word doc as well. Also, AWG is still listed in Appendix A for the Abbreviations. Should we leave it there or delete it? Do we need to discuss with the WG?  Leave it.  AWG 
  4. Comments #48, 54 and 56, state that Russ will verify the links and will add the links for the guides, I’m not sure that these have been completed.  Russ will review it votes documented  54 or 56 in block vote on 8/3
  5. Comment #51, the spreadsheet says not persuasive with mod with a note that says full WG vote is needed. I believe that we voted on this last week during the meeting however the details are not in the meeting minutes so I wasn’t able to update the spreadsheet.  Durwin - 51 in block vote
  6. Comment #52 was a comment on Appendix G, 2.1 and is listed as persuasive but this appendix was removed. Should this be changed to not persuasive with mod with a note that the appendix was removed. Let me know if you want me to update the spreadsheet

Next Tuesday clean up session - Russ review and distribute to list.  Christol will schedule call.  Need a lead editor.  Corrections to the guide will take place off-line.  Someone needs to take the comments from the spreadsheet and update the guide.  Based on the comments from the agenda item, Durwin and Mary Lynn did not have access to the meeting minutes on 08/03/21 that detailed the block vote.
CARIN Digital Insurance Card Update Mark Roberts
Adam stated that the FHIR ID proposal is being worked on.
Connectathon and HL7 WGM

2021 Sept 13-15 HL7's Virtual FHIR Connectathon

2021 September 20-24, HL7's Virtual Plenary & WGM

Tuesday & Thursday
Open floor
No further discussion.
Adjourned at 3:10 PM EST

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  1. Dear Co-Chairs, 
    Please consider adding voting on the Human and Social Services Work Group Proposal to your next meeting agenda. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to Katiya Shell (katiya.shell@emiadvisors.net) or Gay Dolin (gdolin@namasteinformatics.com). Thank you!