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Vocabulary Work Group

Document Type:  Agenda  /  Meeting Minutes

Start Time/End Time:  4-5:30 PM Eastern Standard Time 

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Reuben Daniels

Peter Jordan

Robert Hausam

Jessica Bota

FYI: Caroline Macumber Rob McClure Ted Klein Michael Lawley

Focus on ConceptMap tickets related to dependsOn, and others. Some low hanging fruit - general Vocab tickets.

Reminder: Reuben will lead the team of usage note authors. Related to FHIR-32541, FHIR-32542, FHIR-15687 (FHIR-33061)

 Code System Dashboard:  https://jira.hl7.org/secure/Dashboard.jspa?selectPageId=11804

Value Set Dashboard: https://jira.hl7.org/secure/Dashboard.jspa?selectPageId=11510


Adjourned at  5:18 PM EST.

Concept Map Dashboard



Change requestResolved-change required$translate doesn't expose dependsOn fields

Status?  Not yet fixed on 7/29/2021 

The ticket was overwritten by RD, with 26 files, not all related to ConceptMap.  https://github.com/HL7/fhir/commit/9e9b97453f45d60fcf7e9eaf6d6f4d27b7aa7a7c#diff-f3f01fbe075e4a808d23aec2d7ccffcc051714fb0b6c4803358c976e6bfe5c9e

Reuben will fix this, and we will address FHIR-33032 - as the first item on next week's agenda.

Michael added a new ticket to address something that was left out of this ticket.  FHIR-33032 (which is now resolved - change required)

8/11/2021 update:

Reuben discovered that the operation definition resource does not allow you to have parameters of any kind with multiple values. The type element has a cardinality of 0..1. 

2 ways to resolve:

  1. reopen the ticket
  2. add a new ticket to FHIR-I to add multiplicity of parameters in R5 (OperationDefinition) normative resource

Concern noted with option 2 as it would be changing a resource that is used all over the place

The ticket 30515 created multiple type elements. 

Reuben will review the value set bound to OperationDefinition.parameter.part.type  FHIRAllTypes https://www.hl7.org/fhir/valueset-all-types.html 

OperationDefinition may already support the request in 30515. 

2021-08-18 See comment on issue.

Concept Map

Examples - check in with Michael Lawley

2021-08-18 Waiting for examples.

FHIR-27796Change request

Concept Map

Incorporate relatedArtifact into ConceptMap and/or extend workflow-relatedArtifact to allow it on ConceptMap

2021-08-18 Assigning to FHIR-I.  See comment.

FHIR-33055Change request

Concept Map

ConceptMap should declare its dependencies 

2021-08-18 Will address with  FHIR-32541 - Getting issue details... STATUS  and  FHIR-32542 - Getting issue details... STATUS

FHIR-32541Change requestUsage notes

Concept Map - Usage Notes

Explain dependsOn property

2021-08-18 See above.  We have agreed to draft usage notes - pending.

FHIR-32542Change requestUsage notes

Concept Map - Usage Notes

Explain dependsOn product

2021-08-18 See above.  We have agreed to draft usage notes - pending.

FHIR-33061Change requestUsage notes

Concept Map - Usage Notes

Add ConceptMap Usage Notes to Describe Mapping with Value Sets

2021-08-18  Will address further when Carmela is present.

FHIR-29946Change requestUsage notes

Concept Map - Usage Notes

ConceptMap Relationship: provide guidance on managing extensions to refine or extend ConceptMap.relationship values

2021-08-18 This is already resolved and needs to be applied.

MISC Tickets

FHIR-33063Change request

Request from Lloyd to reopen:  The proposed language doesn't actually accomplish what the tracker item was seeking - which was to guide people to put descriptive text for a unit in the data elements for that purpose (i.e. Quantity.unit).  Simply saying "don't use this" without saying "use this instead" isn't going to drive the change that we need.

2021-08-18 See comment on issue.

FHIR-33023Change request

OID specified on page for ICD-9CM is registered for ICD-9

Turns out the OID is for ICD-9, but the uri implies ICD-9-CM. Rejected request. Reuben Danielswill bring to HTA. 

Confirm this is on an HTA agenda. 

2021-08-18  This was not discussed on the HTA call today, but Reuben plans to add it for the agenda on September 1. 

FHIR-17778Change requestTriaged


Code System OID for NCI Thesaurus is incorrect on FHIR terminologies page'

Some confusion about which URI is in question. Sent note to submitter. No response since 3 weeks ago.  Keep on the list.

2021-08-18 We are still waiting for input from Keith W. Boone.

FHIR-29593change RequestTriagedMisc

CodeSystem conformance expectation should include SHALL NOT

Sent note to FHIR-I and Conformance co-chairs. Check to see if anyone responded.

2021-08-18 Still waiting for input from Conformance.

FHIR-24566change RequestTriagedMisc

SNOMED implicit value sets - improve implementation guidance

2021-08-18  See comment in issue.

FHIR-23707 and FHIR-23702change RequestTriagedMisc

clarify that binding strength does not mean you have to support them all, state that required bindings do not mean that systems must support all codes 

2021-08-18 Propose joint WGM discussion with FHIR-I and Conformance.

Note to team: if you get through the miscellaneous tickets and don't work on ConceptMap, go to this dashboard and start in on the Level1 tickets. Thanks. https://jira.hl7.org/secure/Dashboard.jspa?selectPageId=11806
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