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ManagementMinutes Approval - 2021-07-20 PIE WG Meeting Agenda/MinutesApproved minutes by concensus after discussion regarding ballot reconciliation.  See section below.  

New PSS for review - PIE comments or interest

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Nothing new.  Commented on the POLST proposal on 07/20/21.

Dental Update Russell Ott

Publication vote to be requested on 8/17:

FHIR IG - FHIR R4 IG: Dental Data Exchange Publication Request

CDA IG - CDA R2 IG: Dental Data Exchange Publication Request

Russ will send an e-mail for review of the CDA & FHIR and approval before ready for publication requests.  The publication package is on HL7 site under PIE Workgroup.  Greg commented on the hard work done by Russ and Jean and the workgroup agreed.See links.

Attachment Ballot Reconciliation Update

Block vote

Went over dispositions for comments #3, #51, #52, #54, and #56.  Russ needs the most recent spreadsheet and IG in order to complete tasks assigned to him.  Durwin and Mary Lynn will take over for Laurie to update the spreadsheet and IG.  Christol made a motion to do a block vote on the last comments.  Alix seconded the motion.  Mark Roberts and Adam Culbertson

abstained.  Next week we will verify that the spreadsheet is complete and vote on the reconciliation as complete.

VOTE:  14-2-0  

CARIN Digital Insurance Card Update Mark Roberts
Adam gave an update regarding data elements and atributes.  FHIR mapping and FAQ were updated.  Images still being explored, possibly QR codes could be on Smart Heaslth cards, but outside of scope in regards to copyrights, logos, etc.  They will have a track at the connectathon ot help increase engagement with others in hte industry.  They meet on Thursdays strting 08/05 from 1:00 to 2:00 EST.   Question was asked if FHIR could do family & individual, thinking that FHIR could not do both.  Adam answered that it is optional for a plan to do either since FHIR has no restrictions in the coverage resource that would prevent it. See Carin Confluence page 
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Adjourned at 03:27 PM EST

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