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Use Case Description:

Verifying immunization records: when a Patient Name and/or Recorded Sex or Gender datum in the EHR does not match the Patient Name and/or Recorded Sex or Gender datum on the immunization records.


Primary Care Provider 1: Provided the immunization.

Care Site 1: Where the record of the immunization was first created.

Primary Care Provider 2: A provider who requests the immunization record from the patient.

Care Site 2: Where Primary Care Provider 2 provides care from.

Patient 1: A patient whose Patient Name datum and/or Recorded Sex or Gender datum has shifted at any point between the creation of the original immunization record and the present, being asked to provide the immunization record.

Scope Statement:

In Scope: name changes (due to marriage, gender transition, witness protection, or any other reason); changes to gender markers on documents utilized in any given scenarios (such as driver's licenses, birth certificates, etc.).


This use case assumes that the current HL7 guidelines are in place, including the new datums associated with the new Gender Harmony Project model.



(1) Primary Care Provider 2 (PCP2) at Care Site 2 asks Patient 1 for a copy of their immunization record from Care Site 1.

(2) Patient 1 provides the record, but the Patient 1's "Patient Name" in the EHR and/or their Recorded Sex or Gender in the EHR do not match those on the immunization record.

(3a) If Care Site 1 and/or Primary Care Provider 1 (PCP1) can still do so, PCP2 requests that Patient 1 retrieve an updated version with updated Patient Name and Recorded Sex or Gender.

(3b) If neither Care Site 1 or PCP1 can provide or modify the records, PCP2 requests a piece of documentation from Patient 1 which indicates that they had, at one time, credentials which match the provided record.

(4b) If Patient 1 provides those records, PCP1 enters a new "Recorded Sex or Gender" datum with the time period matching the piece of documentation, and notes that it matches the time frame or other description(s) on the immunization record. Additionally, they enter a "Patient Name" datum with date information and a comment that it matches the immunization record.

Alternative and/or related Workflow(s):

Alignment and/or Misalignment with Gender Harmony Model:

Gender Harmony currently does not provide guidance when multiple "legal" names are at play. It is suggested that a datum called "Recorded Name" be added, which parallels "Recorded Sex or Gender". Allowing the two to be linked would be an appreciated addition as well.

Current Standard Support:

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Required Additional Standard Support:

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